The 5 Important Things Needed For Your Hotel Website

Most hotels nowadays have their own website to attract potential guests and allow visitors to make bookings. Before the guests make a booking, they will search for more general information about the hotel, hence, the hotel website must provide useful information to the guests. Besides that, it is important to showcase your hotel in a professional manner, as a hotel website will reflect on the image of the hotel, and it is important to give potential guests a good impression that encourages them to book with you. Read here to learn more about the importance of hotel websites.  

A good hotel website will consist of attributes and features that make it better than the rest. The following is five important things needed for your hotel website:

Responsive and Simple Web DesignUntitled Design-Aug-19-2020-02-04-12-06-AM

A responsive web design is important because guests may use different devices to search for a hotel, such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Hence, the website must be responsive to fit all devices for the best viewing experience. Not only that, a simple web design is important for the guests to easily search for the information they want, if the guests are unable to find the information they want, there is a high chance that they will leave your website and enter a competitor's website instead.

Good Quality Images and VideosUntitled Design-Aug-19-2020-02-09-10-23-AM

Images and videos are usually the first things that capture the eyes of visitors. And it also allows guests to get a first impression of the hotel. Most guests will feel more comfortable having a rough idea of what the hotel looks like before making a booking. Invest in a professional photographer or photography team to take high-quality images and videos of your hotel, to attract more guests to visit your hotel website and stay longer, as well as increasing the likelihood of them making a booking.

Install A Booking EngineUntitled Design-Aug-19-2020-01-58-30-17-AM

The purpose of a booking engine is to generate revenue from direct booking, and it will allow hotels to implement a call-to-action button linked to their booking page, such as the ‘Book Now’ button. Imagine that a guest visits your website and decides to book a stay with you after some consideration but cannot find a way to make an online booking. This will most likely cause them to book elsewhere. To know more about booking engines, you may read this article.

Provide Multilingual ContentUntitled Design-Aug-19-2020-02-01-37-93-AM

Your hotel is not only targeting local guests, it may also target foreign guests. By providing the content in multiple languages, guests with different language preferences will be able to get the information more easily, and also reduce the likelihood of them making an error due to language barriers.

Real-time Live Chat as Customer Service

Untitled Design-Aug-19-2020-01-53-52-32-AM

Real-time live chat is for guests to get specific information about the hotels, or to make enquirers. Once the hotel receives the message from the guests, they can reply immediately. Live chat usually appears at the lower right corner of a webpage and prompts visitors to ask any questions that they may have. Real-time live chat can humanize your hotel, allowing you to connect with your guests, as you are not relying on artificial technologies or chatbots to make auto-reply. Besides that, the emotion and empathy will clearly come through to the guests to win them over, this can save their time and turn them into your hotel guests.



Above are the 5 important things needed for your hotel website. A web design must be simple and responsive for your guests to have a good experience when browsing your hotel website. Besides that, images and videos must be of good quality to attract the guests’ attention. Other than that, install a good booking engine to turn your potential guests into actual customers. Providing content in multiple languages can make your guests get information more easily based on their preferred language. Lastly, have a real-time live chat on your hotel website to make your hotel feel more human and save your guests’ time.

If you currently don’t have a hotel website, the things mentioned above should be implemented on your hotel website before it goes live. If these five things are not implemented on your hotel website, it’s time for you to modify your hotel website now!

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