Benefits of Capturing Hotel Feedback

It is so exciting to wake up as a hotelier to find a positive review of your hotel online. This gives you joy and encourages you to continue the good work as a hotelier. But it can be a sad day for you if after doing all your best to serve your guests and they still leave a negative review. When this happens don’t be discouraged but rather go through the review, respond happily, and promise to improve your service. You can also clarify if the review was a result of a misunderstanding.

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Guests review and feedback are important so that you can improve your services. Therefore, it is important as a hotelier to capture your hotel feedback. You could gain many benefits by doing so.

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Better Understand What You Are Doing

Sometimes you may not know if the way your hotel staff is treating your guests is pleasant to them or not. You may offer some services to your guests to make their stay more enjoyable. But how can you know for sure if their stay was enjoyable? This is why guests' feedback is important. With your guests' feedback, you can understand what you are doing right or wrong. If your guests tell you that your booking process is too complicated or your website loads slow, then you can give their feedback into consideration. After all, you need to know how your system is working and whether it is convenient for guests. Also, when your guests say they love your free room upgrade or your spa and massage services, then you have to take advantage of such services and promote more on those areas.

Identify Areas of Improvement

With your guests’ hotel feedback, you will know the areas you need to improve as a hotelier. When your guests are complaining about your services or any inconvenience during their stay, then you need to do something about it immediately. Sometimes your guests may give you a bad review. You need to take action immediately and address the issue. When you fail to address the issue, it will discourage those guests from coming back to your hotel. They will also tell their friends and family about it and you will lose more guests. Remember, word-of-mouth can spread faster and affect your business if not handled correctly.

Opportunity To Do Instant Damage Control

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A guest leaving your hotel may leave you a negative review because he or she is not happy with something. Whether it is because of your hotel's poor services or your hotel staff attitude that leaves bad thoughts with your guests. With this negative review, you can talk to the guest and understand what the issue was. At this point, you can do instant damage control. You can also apologize and maybe offering a discount for the next time the guest visits your hotel.

Understand Your Target Market Segment

If you are finding it difficult to identify your target market or market segment, you can use a survey. By getting guests feedback through surveys you can understand the type of audience your hotel is attracting. With this, you can understand who your market segment is. This will help with your marketing.

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To Conclude

If you haven’t collected the guests’ hotel feedback, then you should start now. With the feedback that you received, you will know for sure how you are performing in the eyes of your guests. Also, don’t be discouraged by negative feedback, but rather look at it and see the area where you can improve.


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