How To Identify and Understand Your Hotel Guests' Segmentation

As a hotelier, having a good understanding of who your guests are, it is very important to serve them right. Also, knowing your guests' segmentation will help your marketing team during marketing planning. It will help you to determine your hotel’s target market and focus your attention on them. If you want to communicate with your guests properly and understand their needs, first of all, you need to identify and understand the segmentation of your hotel guests.

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Why do Guests Choose Your Hotel? (Motivational Segmentation)

First of all, in identifying your hotel guests segmentation, you should understand why your guests are coming to your city and why they are booking your hotel. You should be able to identify if your guests are in your city for business or pleasure. You may ask these questions:

  1. If they are business people, then what kind of business are they doing?
  2. Are they athletics coming to play football because there is a stadium located nearby your hotel?
  3. Are they airline crews because there is an airport around? 
  4. Are they coming for conferences or seminars? 
  5. Are there wedding ceremonies going on around? 
  6. Are they tourists? Or just people looking for a place to relax? 

By asking the right question, you can understand the reasons behind what motivates your guests to choose your hotel.


Where are Your Guests Come From? (Geographical Segmentation)

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Here, you are trying to understand how far your guests travel to reach your destination during your hotel guests segmentation. Where are they booking your hotel from? Are they local, regional, national, or international? If they are international, how far did they come? What language do they speak? Which currency do they use? Understanding all these will help you to understand the needs of your guests and understand how to communicate with them properly.


At Which Stage of Their Lives Are They? (Who)

Who are your guests? At what stage of their lives are they? You should be able to determine whether they are teenagers, students, young adults, or even couples. If they are couples, do they have children or not? They may even be families or retired people. When you can identify who they are, you will then understand how to attend to them. How you communicate with teenagers has to be different from how you communicate with the elderly.


Are They Travelling in Small or Large Groups? (How Many)

Here is where you understand how many people your guests are. If they are in groups, then how many groups? Are they friends, families, clubs, or even co-workers? It is important to identify how many they are. By doing so, you can arrange enough room for group bookings and at the same time can reduce the risk of overbooking or double booking.


To Conclude

By identifying why your guests' book with you, where your guests come from, who are your guests, and whether they are looking for personal or group, you can better understand them. Hence, you can arrange for a better marketing plan by targeting your guests based on your guests' segmentation. 

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