Transform Your Hotel's Customer Service with ChatGPT

The customer service game is being changed with ChatGPT existing. Hoteliers should take note on how ChatGPT can transform their customer service for the better. 

Customer service has always prioritized human touch for it to run smoothly. With the emergence of artificial intelligence that can mimic and learn how to respond humanlike, is this the start of a new era? Hotel businesses have started to use ChatGPT to help them with customer service and the pros it brings definitely is worthwhile. 


Do You Know ChatGPT?

do you know what is chatgpt?

ChatGPT is an AI-powered natural language processing tool. The language model can answer your questions and assist you in tasks like composing emails, essays, and computer code. The AI "learns" more about various topics and how to have conversations about them through the text-based requests and information that trigger its responses.

Due to ChatGPT's extensive language model and capacity for complex question resolution, customer service can be enhanced by roughly 70%. Before offering a solution, ChatGPT, an intelligent conversational bot, determines the customer's intent. 


How To Get ChatGPT Account

Signing up for any platform can be a hassle but fear not! Here are simple steps you can follow to get a ChatGPT account and get yourself familiar.

easy steps to get chatgpt

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How Hotel Customer Service Use ChatGPT

Utilizing it to assist staff members can be a wise move if you want to elevate the guest experience. Let's look at what more ChatGPT can do, from responding to customer concerns, coming up with ideas, sending notifications, and engaging customers with company offers.  

1. Personalized Response

To develop a unique profile for each guest, ChatGPT can be trained on guest data like past room purchases, chat history, and comments. Using this profile, ChatGPT can respond to a guest's message with information that is suited to their particular requirements and preferences.

For instance, if a consumer has previously bought a certain room, ChatGPT can recommend related services or offer help related to their purchase. If a guest has previously voiced discontent with a certain feature of a room or service, ChatGPT can respond in a human-like manner, addressing their issues and offering viable remedies.

Chatgpt personalized response

Source: Worbot

2. Available Multilingual Support

ChatGPT's multilingual support enables hotels to reach a wider guest reach and increase guest retention. Hotels that are entering new markets where a variety of languages are spoken may find it particularly helpful. 

This AI currently supports more than 50 languages. ChatGPT uses complex model capabilities and linguistic features to process languages. This will be helpful and beneficial for the hotel and guests.


Source: AIMultiple

3. Answer Guest's FAQ  

A company's knowledge base or FAQ page can be used to train ChatGPT to identify and address typical customer inquiries. ChatGPT can review guest messages and respond with information that either clarifies the guest's question or points them in the direction of more resources. 

By giving guests precise answers to their inquiries, ChatGPT can assist increase customer satisfaction and lessen the workload placed on human customer service employees.

4. Quicker Response to Feedback

ChatGPT can be taught to recognize and address typical guest complaints, such as incorrect room booking, poor service, or incorrect billing. When a guest sends a message with a complaint, ChatGPT can examine the message and respond with information that addresses the guest's issues and suggests solutions.

Providing quick and efficient support to guests with problems might help increase customer satisfaction while using ChatGPT. Hotels can lessen the possibility of unfavorable feedback by reacting to issues fast, which can also enhance their reputation as a whole.  After all, feedback is very important to any business as it can determine its success or failure. 

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5. Opinion Mining / Sentiment Analysis

sentiment analysis chatgpt

A wide spectrum of emotions, such as joy, sorrow, rage, and frustration, can be taught to ChatGPT. ChatGPT may analyze a customer's communication to establish its sentiment and then respond in a way that is appropriate for the customer's emotional state. Customers that are upset or unsatisfied with a product or service can be identified using sentiment analysis, and action can be taken to resolve their problems before they become more serious. 

6. Generate Emails

ChatGPT can be used for marketing mailing automation, enabling businesses to tailor and automate email campaigns by being trained to understand and provide human-like responses to text-based inquiries.

With the customer information provided, ChatGPT may produce customized email templates for each individual customer. ChatGPT can use a template to create an email that is customized to the customer's unique preferences and needs when the business wishes to send a customer an email. 

Chatgpt generate emails

Source: AIMultiple 

7. Provide Prompts for Staff 

When you give ChatGPT prompts, it may replicate human communication, which is one of its strongest points. ChatGPT prompts can aid customer service managers in overseeing their support employees. 

ChatGPT prompts enable you to save time through team training, enhancing proactive assistance, and streamlining communications.

Chatgpt provides prompts

Source: Klaus

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Benefits of ChatGPT in Customer Service

benefits of chatgpt in customer service

1. Automated Task

Businesses can use artificial intelligence to manage repetitive operations with ChatGPT. ChatGPT chatbots, for example, can lighten the pressure on customer service representatives. They can improve the efficiency of customer service operations and the customer experience. By automating these time-consuming procedures, it is feasible to raise customer happiness and engagement.

2. Availability 24/7

ChatGPT can provide customer care 24/7, including after regular business hours, enabling clients to access assistance whenever they need it. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the likelihood of customers becoming frustrated or dissatisfied if they are unable to get help when they need it.

3. Scalability

ChatGPT can handle a big volume of guest exchanges and questions, making it a perfect solution for hotels with many guests. It can manage numerous conversations at once, lightening the load on customer service staff so they can focus on other tasks. 


Challenges Using ChatGPT in Customer Service

Challenges Using ChatGPT in Customer Service

1. Potential of Error

ChatGPT requires thoughtful and well-articulated questions to give answers. A guest might not have time or motivation to craft their questions which can lead to the AI not giving a precise answer. Some guests do not do research first before asking questions and expect the ChatGPT to have the answer. The obligation they put on ChatGPT to have answers precise and ready might cause issues. They are just as potential to some errors as humans, especially when the question is not constructed properly.

2. Capabilities Limited 

ChatGPT may not be able to handle more complex or nuanced customer inquiries and may require human intervention to resolve certain issues. Where ChatGPT's knowledge is lacking, it does not recognize this and instead makes up for it. Customer care representatives should never attempt to fill in knowledge gaps while performing their duties. 

3. Ethical Implication 

AI-generated language models run the risk of being misapplied. They might react in a biased or discriminating way as a result of how they use information from the internet, upsetting others. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check all content. Besides, ChatGPT do not 100% understand the nuances of human conversation


Example of Use Cases 

Here are some example on how ChatGPT is used to help hotel's customer service:

1. Answer FAQs asked by hotel guests 

Chatgpt answer FAQs asked by hotel guests 


2. Answer feedback left by hotel guest

chatgpt answer feedback left by hotel guest

3. Make a reservation for a guest

chatgpt make a reservation for a guest


Hotels That Use AI as Customer Service Tool

Here are some hotels that have opted to use artificial intelligence as part of customer service tools. 

Hotels That Use AI as Customer Service Tool



ChatGPT will have an impact on customer service operations, support teams, and the overall customer experience as technology develops and becomes more complex. When we consider artificial intelligence as a whole, its goals are to enhance, improve, and expedite how humans work. The customer service sector won't transform overnight. But it's crucial for the industry to participate in the development of artificial intelligence. If you want to know more about ChatGPT in hotelier, try reading Streamline Hotel Guest Communication with ChatGPT.

So, if you think ChatGPT will help in transforming your hotel's customer service and bring your guest to the next level, this is the time for you to try. Simply get your ChatGPT account here. Happy exploring!

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