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Generating Revenues for Hotels Through Events & Entertainment

In 2018, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) claimed that international arrivals increasing to 1.4 billion. What an enormous number, right? But how many hotels managed to transform this into higher revenue?

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Competitive-Based Pricing Strategy in Hotel Industry

Price is a key marketing tool feature to earn profit and meeting customers’ needs. It is the cost of a product or service after thorough research, in-depth understanding, and the risk-taking phase of complex calculation.

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Loyalty Programs Ideas for Boutique Hotels

In this competitive age where every hotel is competing to fill up their hotel rooms, the loyalty and reward programs can be the difference between having an average occupancy and having a fully booked hotel. The majority of travelers and tourists use hotel loyalty and reward programs to determine the hotel they are going to book.

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How Hotels Can Learn From Marriott Marketing Strategy

Marriott has successfully been at the forefront of the hospitality industry for such a long time, and no doubt their marketing strategy is a heavy contributor to their success. The Marriott Marketing Strategy involves the Marriott Marketing Mix consisting of the 4Ps which are product, price, place, and promotions. 

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Hotels Should Implement These 5 Doable Social Media Strategies

The rapid rise of social media has made it very useful for the hotel industry. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn provides wonderful opportunities for hoteliers.

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Five Simple Ways To Promote Your Hotel

These days the hotel industry has become one of the competitive and challenging industries in the business sector. Every hotel wants to attract more guests to their hotel, and in the process to grow their business and make more profit.

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Things You Should Consider Selling in Your Hotel

There are a lot of competitions out there among hoteliers, coupled with the fact that most hotels have to depend on OTAs to fill up their rooms, therefore diminishing their profit. It is then normal for hoteliers to think about things they can upsell or cross-sell in their hotel to bring in more profit. 

There is a difference between cross-selling and upselling. When you cross-sell, you are selling a product or service that will complement the one that your guest already bought but when you upsell, you are selling a higher or better version of the product or service that your guest already bought.

Here are the common things that you can upsell at your establishment. 


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Strategies to Increase Hotel Revenue

Pressure is on hoteliers in finding ways to retain their existing customers and even to attract more customers to increase their revenue. Most hotel managers and owners are always asking these:  

  • How do we increase our hotel revenue? 
  • Which action will attract more customers to our property? 

Subsequently, we are going to share some tips on how to increase hotel revenue.


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How Important is Facebook to Hotel and Homestay

The importance of Facebook to hotels and homestay can’t be over-emphasized especially in this digital age. The number of daily users is too large for hotels and homestays to just ignore. Millions of people log into Facebook as soon as they wake up, we can easily assume that people of all ages are using Facebook. As a hotel or homestay owner, no matter who your target audience is, you should rest assured that you will find them on Facebook.

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Hotel Digital Marketing Trend

In 2014, the World Tourism Organization emphasized the potential of digital marketing in the tourism and hospitality industry. Changes in customers’ behavior and the emergence of the Internet have led to changes in hotels’ marketing strategies, shifting to digital marketing.

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