Content Marketing Strategy For Hotel

Content Marketing is not just about creating content and distributing it. It needs an effective content marketing plan and strategy for you to think about. Who you want to target, how much you are willing to spend, what’s your goal, what you wanted to achieve, and so on.

Here are the 6 elements that you should take into consideration to have successful content marketing for your hotel.


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1. Set your goals and Key Performance Indicators

    • What is the goal of your content marketing? 
    • What do you want to achieve by doing this content marketing? 
    • Do you want to see short-term or long-term effects?

For example, your goal is “to increase brand awareness” and your KPI is “to be one of the famous and well-known hotels in the city by 2021.

With your goals and KPI setting, you can move to the next step in your strategy which is to find the right target audience for the content that you are going to create. 

2. Determine your target audience 

The right target audience is a Key to Content Marketing. To choose your audience right, audience analysis can help you plan better. Below are some questions that will help you to identify it

    • Who are you targeting?
    • Do you want to target broader audiences or only a small group?
    • Customer segmentation - your audience location, demographics, leisure or business travelers. More specific and better. But, go back to your objectives, what is your aim?

Your target audience is going to be one of the factors that influence your results later.

3. Choose the type of content marketing that you want to build

Type of content marketing can be:

    • Video
    • Infographics (Image, Diagram)
    • Text (Blog, Article)
    • PDF (E-book)

To start creating the content, you need to understand your audience to help you narrow down the right type of content for them. 

    • What are they looking for?
    • Why do they need that kind of content?
    • How can this benefit them?

4. Decide on which channel you want to distribute the content

Here, you need to decide on the specific channel. If you’re creating a blog, of course, your channel will be the blog page itself.

But, if you’re creating another type of content like video or infographic, then you have to decide which platform you will be sharing on (YouTube, Hotel Website, Facebook)? 

Hotel Websites with a Content Management System can be one of the most powerful software for you to do content marketing and easy for you to distribute your content. It allows you to create a blog post, pop-up form and offers an SEO-optimized website 

5. Plan your budget

To set a budget, you need to think about why you need the budget and what it is for by following the type of content that you’re choosing and the distribution channel as well.

    • Hence, the following questions should be answered

      • Do you need to pay for advertising the content like Facebook Ads? 
      • Do you need to hire an external team like a designer or content writer? 
      • Do you need to purchase a premium package for any software or tools to expedite your content marketing process? For example Canva and Adobe Photoshop.

    • Once you find your answers, then you can set your estimated budget. 

6. Analyze and measure the results

How you can measure your content performance is basically based on the goal and KPI that you have set before.

    • Did you achieve your goal? 
    • Are you almost to reach the goal? 
    • Or; you are still too far from reaching the goal? 

Here, we provide some recommendations for you to know which metrics to track and analyze your content marketing results using three different categories:

    • Behavior (Pageviews, Engagement, Unique Visitors)
    • SEO Results
    • Hotel’s Revenue (Number of potential customers, Conversion Rate, ROI)


The more you know how to plan, the better your content marketing will be performing. Content marketing can help your hotel business to grow and many more benefits that you will be surprised by. 

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