Hotel Technologies Trends in 2020

Technology is changing people’s way of living. Every industry is embracing the benefit that technology has to offer. The hospitality industry is not being left out either. The hotel sector is one of the sectors that are using technology to enhance the efficiency of their operations. Also, the use of technology in a hotel will make the guest experience more memorable. This article outlines some of the hotel technologies trends in 2020 that every hotelier should know.


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Hotel Management Career: Understanding Different Hotel Management Positions

One of the industries that have huge employment opportunities in the hospitality industry. This industry of hotel management has good career opportunities. With many hotel chains opening branches in different cities around the world, you can expect better career opportunities coming your way. Your career in the hotel industry depends on your education and of course, on your experience. Below we are going to discuss some of the hotel management career positions.


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How To Know When To Change Your Current Hotel PMS

The importance of good PMS cannot be overemphasized. The competition in the hotel industry has made every hotelier insist on a good PMS for their hotel. A hotel PMS encourages you to streamline your hotel daily tasks, manage your employees and increase your income. This is the reason it has a significant influence in deciding the path of success for your hotel business.

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Alongside that, a hotel PMS must continue progressing with your hotel developing needs and growing business objectives. If that is not the case, then maybe it is time for you to consider changing your hotel PMS. This article is discussing how to know when to change your current hotel PMS so you could move forward in having one that suits your hotel.


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How Does A Channel Manager Work?

Imagine you have many guests coming to book their stay with your hotel and you only have one front desk staff to entertain them. Guests are complaining as they are waiting for their turn. Then eventually, some of them walk out of your hotel and decide to stay at another hotel. Aren’t you losing your guests already?

Manually managing your room booking time-consuming and less efficient. You may need to hire many staff to handle those processes. But with channel manager software, you can manage your room distribution smoothly and effectively. With that in mind, this article is all about helping hotel owners to run their hotel businesses better through channel manager software.


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What is a Channel Manager?

Our previous blog articles have been discussing on hotel Property Management System (PMS). In order for a hotel PMS to operate smoothly and effectively, it needs a specialized integration. According to, an online magazine for the hotel, hospitality and travel industry, a hotel PMS Software should have the following integration:

  • Channel Managers
  • Check-in Apps;
  • Revenue Management Software;
  • Reputation Management Systems;
  • Marketing Software;
  • Key Card Systems;
  • Energy Management Systems;
  • Point of Sale Software;
  • Entertainment Systems;
  • Payment Systems; and
  • Business Analytics Software.

The way you manage your distribution determine how profitable your hotel business is. It’s an important thing to ensure that your rooms are reachable for your prospective guests. Make your rooms visible! This is why a hotel must have a Channel Manager software for a strong distribution strategy. In this article, we will discuss on Channel Manager and the importance of its integration with PMS.


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Smart Strategies To Increase Your Hotel Direct Booking

Before talking about ways to increase your property direct bookings, you must believe that direct booking will be beneficial to your hotel. There are many benefits of direct booking to a hotelier. The most obvious one being that it will bring in more profits to your hotel and of course, less dependent on OTAs. It is important to note that there is no magical strategy that will automatically increase your direct bookings. But rather your direct bookings will come as a result of applying some strategies which we are going to discuss in this article.

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Ways To Promote Your Tour Packages For Maximum Sales

Travelers and tourists come to your city to visit around. Therefore, before you start to plan for the type of promotion to attract them, you may want to consider attracting them with an appealing tour package. Without an appealing tour package, guests won’t be interested to book your tour. There are a lot of competitions when it comes to tour packages. There are many different ways travelers and tourists can check for tours before they are making decisions. You must know how to promote your tour. This article discusses some of the ways to promote your tour package for maximum sales.


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Benefits of Capturing Hotel Feedback

It is so exciting to wake up as a hotelier to find a positive review of your hotel online. This gives you joy and encourages you to continue the good work as a hotelier. But it can be a sad day for you if after doing all your best to serve your guests and they still leave a negative review. When this happens don’t be discouraged but rather go through the review, respond happily, and promise to improve your service. You can also clarify if the review was a result of a misunderstanding.

Guests review and feedback are important so that you can improve your services. Therefore, it is important as a hotelier to capture your hotel feedback. You could gain many benefits by doing so.

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What To Consider Before Running Your Hotel Facebook Ads

Facebook is a kind of social media networking any hotelier can’t ignore. Facebook has billions of active users daily. If you are looking for social media to run your hotel ads, then Facebook should be your number one choice. The targeting options on Facebook has made it possible for hoteliers to reach travelers with Facebook ads. You can create Facebook ads by selecting the interest of the people, their location, or their language. Here are some tips on what you need to consider before running your hotel Facebook ads. You can check out the video below on how to run hotel Facebook ads

Video courtesy from Youtube.


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Hotel Sales Strategies To Boost Revenue

Every hotelier needs to implement a sales strategy. It is part of revenue generation for hotels. Before any hotel can successfully implement a sales strategy, they should first identify their target market. Without understanding your hotel target market, you may be promoting the wrong people. Identifying and understanding your target market will make sure that all your sales strategy is focused on the right kind of guests. Then only you can implement your sales strategy. This article is written with a focus on hotel sales strategies to boost your hotel revenue.


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