Hotel Branding Strategy You Need To Know Before 2020

When you take your hotel brand seriously, you will be rewarded with the number of hotel bookings. What do people say about your brand when you are not around? When your brand leaves a good impression on people, they will advertise your hotel for you through word of mouth by telling their friends and families about your hotel. These actions will help you to fill your room and make more profit. On the other hand, a poor brand will lead to negative feedback and discourage potential guests from booking your hotel. Below we are going to discuss some hotel branding strategies you need to know before 2020.


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Features Of A Good Hotel Booking Engines

The importance of a hotel booking engine can no longer be overlooked. No wonder even small hotels have started investing in a booking engine. With a booking engine integrated into your hotel website and social media pages, you can accept bookings any time and from anywhere. Guests can book their rooms at their own convenient time. You also can accept payment on your website in any currency your guests want to pay with and in any language, they prefer doing their bookings with. 

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This article will highlight some features of a good hotel booking engine that you may consider if you haven’t got one.

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5 Early Bird Promotion Ideas For Hoteliers

Sometimes, there are guests who are not ready to make room bookings. They do their search and click the book to see what the hotel's offer is. For example, what they can do in the city they are visiting. However, with early bird promotions, hoteliers can motivate guests to book their rooms early from your website. This article intends to give some early bird promotion ideas for hoteliers.


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Social Media Posts Ideas For Hotels

There’s no doubt that social media has become a good place to search for prospective guests for hotels. Social media marketing is one kind of marketing strategy that hoteliers can’t ignore. It is because almost all their customers are using one social media or the other. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are gaining more popularity nowadays.

Sometimes hotel marketers can run out of ideas on what to post on their hotel social media pages. Well, it happens not only for hotel businesses. There are times when the audience doesn't engage with their post. So, they get discouraged and disappointed. Because of these obstacles, some hotels go weeks without a post on their social media pages. Avoid such action, hoteliers! You’re going to have a reduction in the number of guests. Worry no more because here, we will outline some social media posts ideas for hotels.

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Smart Resort Marketing Strategies

The competition among resort owners is tense, every resort wants to fill their rooms and maximize profit. The challenge of getting a guest usually falls on the marketing team. Sometimes the marketing team runs out of ideas and gets frustrated when their effort is not yielding a positive result. But with the right strategy and some marketing budget, it will be easier to attract guests to a resort. 


Below we are going to discuss some of the smart resort marketing strategies that can help resort owners to increase their resort bookings and generate more revenue. If done right, then you can say goodbye to empty resort rooms.


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Functions of a Hotel Property Management System

Nowadays, technology has changed the way people live their life. People become dependent on technology and the internet to perform their everyday tasks. Being mobile has become a part of their daily routine. Look at how the internet and mobile devices are changing people's habits. 

Having said that, hotels should be innovative and adopt new technologies to offer high-quality services and memorable experiences to their guests. One such technology is a hotel property management system.

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Below we listed some functions of a hotel property management system (PMS).

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Hotel Marketing Strategies

A hotel's marketing strategies are strategies designed to promote its good and service to get the most profit.  


This article will help you understand the key points of hotel marketing, the most important thing to consider before deciding on your hotel marketing strategies, some best practices of hotel marketing strategies, and finally reveal two of Marriott’s marketing strategies.

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Hotel Upselling Strategies Every Hotelier Should Know

Maintaining hotel sales is a challenging task and the daily competition among hoteliers has even made it more difficult. Notwithstanding those challenges, using the right strategy will make it easier to sell hotel products and services.



When we talk about up-selling, we simply mean offering your guest extras which will make their stay even memorable; to encourage them to spend more, for example, a hotel can up-sell for a room upgrade. Some clients are willing to spend more on hotel product as far as it has value and will make their stay memorable. Below we are going to discuss some up-selling strategies in a hotel that every hotelier should know.

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Hotel Dynamic Pricing: All You Need To Know As A Hotelier

When we talk about dynamic pricing, it is usually related to a time-based pricing strategy used by hoteliers to sell their rooms and up-sell their products and services. Hoteliers determine the price of their rooms based on demand and supply. The room prices are not fixed but rather change as the demand and supply fluctuate. The period and season of the year also affect the hotel room price in dynamic pricing. This is because there are certain periods or seasons in a year such as the holiday season, that can increase the demand for rooms, therefore, increasing its price. 

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How To Identify Your Hotel's Target Market

As a hotelier, if you want to run your hotel successfully and attract guests to your hotel, you need to know your target markets. When you understand who your guests are and what motivates them to book your hotel then you will be able to provide relevant offers and experiences that will make their stay memorable.


You should be able to know why your guests are booking your hotel. It could be your hotel is strategically located in a tourist area or it is because of the amazing services you offer in the hotel. You can find out the answers to these questions using the data you already have. Below we are going to discuss some of the ways to identify your hotel’s target market.

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