VingCard Hotel Door Lock System

VingCard is a hotel door lock system. We found that VingCard magnetic key cards and RFID key cards popular among hotels in Malaysia. If you are looking for a supplier, we have compiled the list of VingCard suppliers in Malaysia here.

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VingCard Malaysia

VingCard is a popular hotel door lock system in Malaysia. VingCard provides a series of hotel door locks and hotel key cards management software (called Vision) for hotels. 

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VingCard Locks

VingCard Lock is a popular brand of hotel door locks. It can be categorized into 4 main categories

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Vingcard Vision

Vingcard Vision is the software of the Vingcard hotel door lock system. Its core function is to manage the hotel door keys. Vingcard itself is a popular hotel door lock system, they design and sell the following types of a hotel door key

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Overbooking, How To Solve, Pros and Cons?

Overbooking is a situation where your total room available reserve is less than the number of the room had been book for sales on the same period.

In other words, your room's vacancy had achieved 100% reservation. Overbooking for hotels is a revenue management strategy that helps to maximize the total capacity and increase the Room revenue. Read More

How to choose a PMS that fits your Hotel

The changed from 20th to the 21st century had made a huge change in the business market, almost the whole of the market had chosen to be work automatically instead of manually. Factory, banks, cooperate office and many more, so do in the hospitality industry.

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Cloud Based Hotel Front Office System

The hotel front office act as an important role in the hotel business as the front office is the one that represents the hotel directly to the public is because they are the ones who served guests the most. They are the first expression to guests of a hotel and also the image of a hotel. They are responsible to do report, record and make reservations.

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Is Night Auditor a must in hotel business?

An auditor is the one who inspects on company's financial statement and cash flow. But for the hotel business, there is a unique position of auditor which is the Night Auditor.

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10 Digital Marketing Ideas For Hotel Using Promo Codes

Using promo code has been proven an effective way to increase sales, get new guests, and take advantage of seasonal opportunities. But if everyone's using the same marketing strategy, how will your hotel stand out? 

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