Booking Engine for Hotels

Hotel Booking Engines

A hotel booking engine is a system installed on a hotel website or other platforms like Facebook. Simply say, a booking engine should allow your rooms to be sold through:  

  • your own hotel website
  • other platforms you own like Facebook, Blogpost, and etc

Throughout this article, you will get to know the main functions, the benefits of having own hotel booking engine, the guideline on how to do the comparison and what you should look into when you choose a booking engine for your hotel.  

The purpose of having a hotel booking engine is to allow guest to make a reservation at their convenience and to secure the booking through online process. 

No matter what size of your hotel business, if you want to maintain your business and remain competitive, your hotel mustn't be operating without a hotel booking engine! 

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Hotel Booking Software

What is a hotel booking software?

Hotel booking software is a software application where guest is allowed to create booking or reservation through online for themselves or on behalf of others. In this article we summarized the main functions of a hotel booking software and talk about what other additional features that you should look into when you choose a booking engine for your hotel.

Hotel booking software is not specific for hotel website only, in fact it could also be installed in other platforms too such as Facebook and Blogspot.

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Hotel Reservation Systems

We now live in a digital era where everything is available at our fingertips. Technology nowadays helps us very much to save our time and effort in their own fantastic way. When it comes to business world, technology simplifies business industry to reach the customers need in many ways such as communication, payment method, travel and etc.

For hotel industry, one of the most important things that we should take care of are the our guests satisfaction. So, what kind of system that hotel should have to exceed customers expectation?

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List of Hotel Booking Engines

Hotel Booking Engines

A hotel booking engine is a system where it is being installed on hotel website or any social media like Facebook, and allow guest to make a reservation via online and secure the booking with payment.

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Generate Content Ideas for Your Hotel

Content marketing is one of the key components in Digital Marketing. Users like good quality content and it can comes in many forms (photos, tweets, blog posts, ebook etc). Imagine your hotel is getting emails of potential tourist visiting your town because they download a "Must-do Check-list" that you made available on your website.

Good quality content will not only generate you qualify sales leads BUT it will also grow organically (user like to share good quality content).

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VingCard Hotel Door Lock System

VingCard is a hotel door lock system. We found that VingCard magnetic key cards and RFID key cards popular among hotels in Malaysia. If you are looking for supplier, we have compiled the list of VingCard suppliers in Malaysia here.

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VingCard Malaysia

VingCard is a popular hotel door lock system in Malaysia. VingCard provides a series of hotel door locks and a hotel key cards management software (called Vision) for hotels. 

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VingCard Locks

VingCard Lock is a popular brand of hotel door lock. It can be categorize into 4 main categories

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Vingcard Vision

Vingcard Vision is the software of Vingcard hotel door lock system. Its core function is to manage the hotel door keys. Vingcard itself is a popular hotel door lock system, they design and sell the following types of hotel door key

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Overbooking, How To Solve, Pros and Cons?

Overbooking is a situation where your total room available reserve are less than the number of room had been book for sales on the same period.

In other words, your rooms vacancy had achieve the 100% reservation. Overbooking for hotels is a revenue management strategy that helps to maximize the total capacity and increase the Room revenue. Read More