5 Tips On Hotel Digital Marketing: A Must Know For Hoteliers Before 2020

Every hotel needs to have a digital marketing strategy. Time has gone by when hotels don’t care about having a website and social media pages. They depend solely on OTAs to fill their rooms. Any hotel still using this strategy needs to change it before 2020. If your hotel still does not have a website and social media pages where guests can do the direct booking, then you will probably see a drop in your hotel’s revenue, plus more empty rooms by the day. 


Here, we listed five tips on hotel digital marketing that every hotelier needs to know before the coming of the year 2020. We are in a digital age, and every hotel needs a digital marketing strategy to move forward and have a competitive advantage.

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Engage in SEO

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The importance of search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be overlooked. Always remember, search engines like websites with original content, and they also reward those sites that load faster and update their content regularly. To achieve that, you need to make sure that your hotel has its own responsive designed website with a mobile version. Make sure the website loads fast, your call to action buttons are visible, and your landing page is well designed. You may also need to have a Blog page where you publish relevant Blog posts and articles. Use trending keywords, be relevant, and pay attention to the timing of your optimized posts. All these actions will help you to be easily searchable online and also help to push your hotel website to the front page on search engines. 

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Be Active on Social Media Pages


Does your hotel have its own social media pages? Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are very popular nowadays. If your hotel does not have at least one of the mentioned platforms, then you have started making a mistake. It is because almost all of your guests are on social media now. So, taking your marketing strategy to these social media pages is very important. Create your hotel’s social media page now! Post engaging content on your social media pages. Also, respond to questions, reviews, and feedback from guests. You may use such platforms to share some videos and images of your hotel and how guests enjoy themselves in your hotel. Make sure your audience is engaging with your post. Encourage guests to tag your hotel any time they posted something related to your hotel. You can also post a contest to increase engagement and attract guests’ attention. There’s so much more you can do with your social media pages!

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Run Ads, Including on Search Engines

When we talk about hotel digital marketing, running Ads is one of the methods you don’t want to miss. Running ads will help your hotel to get the instant exposure it needs. Ads will ensure that your hotel details become visible to the right audience. Ads also increase engagement. You can run ads on social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Search engines like Google and Yahoo also allow you to run ads. Don’t overlook YouTube ads because people tend to engage with video more compared to text and images.

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Email Marketing

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Many people ignore email marketing as one of their marketing strategy planning. Email marketing is still relevant nowadays. Businesses should use email as a way of communicating and remember to perform daily checks for your email. Create your email marketing to communicate with your guest about their bookings. Furthermore, you can make good use of email marketing to send your hotel promotions, offers, and special deals to your current and past guests.


Influencer Marketing


Another hotel digital marketing strategy is engaging an influencer marketer to help in promoting your hotel. Influencers can help you to push your hotel brand and encourage their followers to book with your hotel. Make sure you engage the right influencer. 

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To Conclude

Digital marketing is reaching wide attention in the hotel industry. There are more other tips on digital marketing that your hotel can search for. This article only reveals some of them. Make good use of these tips that we share with you, and personalize them according to your hotel needs. Start generating more revenues for the new year!

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