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Content marketing is one of the key components in Digital Marketing. Users like good quality content and it can comes in many forms (photos, tweets, blog posts, ebook etc). Imagine your hotel is getting emails of potential tourist visiting your town because they download a "Must-do Check-list" that you made available on your website.

Good quality content will not only generate you qualify sales leads BUT it will also grow organically (user like to share good quality content).

BUT how do you find good content ideas to write about for your hotel?

To ensure your hotel business move to the next level, the best marketing ideas should be implemented. As online marketing @ digital marketing currently shifts rapidly and could have a big influence to your business, why don't start with a good planning on how to generate content ideas? 

We know that to produce a good quality of content marketing is not that easy. However, with a good plan and process, you sure will see the result! 

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Top 4 Reasons Why Content Marketers need a Content Generation Process

  • Busy with daily task turns out lack of time to produce good content 
  • Run out of ideas and less inspired
  • Need to brainstorm. Could ask and get benefits from other people ideas such as colleague, family and surrounding
  • Grow of responsibility and demand. A good talent might leave and it will effect the team
  • Repeat success. If you found a content generation process that produce good results, you may repeat and grow.


4 Steps of Content Ideation Process

Gathering raw material ➡️ Digesting the material ➡️ Unconscious process ➡️ Eureka moment

  • Gathering raw material includes read and use the content from a different places or sources. Be sure to read and read!
  • Digesting the material means you try to consider the ideas from any possible angles
  • Unconscious process, when your mind off the process. For example listening to the music, jogging, watching movie and etc
  • Eureka moment is where the ideas might come out all of sudden (the moment when we least expecting them). I believe everyone experienced this before. Make sure to jot them down!


To generate ideas for content can be done by ourselves alone or in a group

👍 Alone

  • Find out your buyer persona reading habit. Can try via phone call or email as well.
  • Look at what the competitors content marketing style
  • Start wit a set of keywords. You may try to use Quora (popular question-and-answer site) to search for a top questions that target audience typically asks
  • Learn from SEO - Google webmaster tools

💪 In Group

  • Brainstorming session, sharing ideas. One of the best session for a team to exchange ideas. Make sure to set a clear agenda and goal to prevent unproductive group hangout. Use whiteboard, sticky note, and ask everyone to get involved with new ideas. 

Additional Info: You may try to use Buzzsumo. It is one of the tool to see which content has the best social media performance.

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