4 Types of Hotel Kiosk Available in the Market in 2021

Recent pandemic has taught us about the norm especially on social distancing. Many businesses are now looking for technology that allows them to reduce human contact in order to avoid the spread of coronavirus diseases. Demand for safety and conveniences by the customers are also increasing, hence, the self-service kiosks now are on the rise in the business industry.

The self-service kiosks have been widely used in many sectors including banks, restaurants, airports, transportation, and now it becomes a key important role in tourism and hotel industries. Due to its functionalities and benefits, many hotels are now evaluating self-service kiosks to better prepare for the travel rebound. 

Besides bringing the conveniences and freedom to the hotel guests, it can also help to speed up the check-in and check-out process. Not just that, there are many more benefits when implementing self service kiosks at the hotels. If you are now looking for a smart hotel kiosk solution, here are the types of hotel kiosks available in the market that you should know. Different types of kiosks will give different kinds of experiences. Hence, choose wisely before you decide to deploy any of them.

1. Standing Kiosk


A standing kiosk is the most common used in many businesses as they help to save time and operational costs. The name itself refers to it's ability to stand up on it's own. If you ever come across to any self service kiosk in popular restaurants such as McDonald, Burger King, they are actually collecting orders from the customers using a standing kiosk. Now, it becomes more popular among hotel businesses for self-check in.

Standing Kiosk that is popular among hotels offer a completely automated replacement of check-in and check-out process. It serves and guides the hotel guests from collecting the required reservation details, to room payment, and issuing room key cards without queuing and passing through hotel front desk.   

A standing kiosk that's normally used in hotels are with touch screen functionality.  Of course the quality of the touch screen’s interface and the navigation functions will vary depending on the kiosk’s base software.

2. Vending Kiosk

Softinn Kiosk System

Now, let's move to another type of hotel kiosk that's more advance than standing kiosk. Vending Kiosk functions more similar to the digital standing kiosk, where it allows self check-in, check-out and issue room key cards. But, what makes this kiosk is special than the rest of the one that's available in the market?

This is the only kiosk that offers the convenience of self check-in and out paired with the ability to upsell products bundled together in one machine. Hoteliers believe that this type of kiosk is way more cost effective compared to hiring additional staff to manage guest check-in and out or handle payments. The name "vending" itself provides more revenue opportunities if you place it at your hotel lobby.

It is an automated machine that allows you to sell items like snacks, drinks,  tickets or even face mask and hand sanitizer with cashless services. Not just that, hotel can also promote add-on services through vending kiosk like tour packages and hotel F&B, the guests will be able to make their purchase and order at their conveniences. With this, hotels may consider to remove midnight shift and reduce the cost for advertisement without worrying of hotel's revenue.  Due to its specialty, it is known as profit making machine, 2 in 1 solution. 

3. Wall Mounted Kiosk 


Wall mounted kiosks, which as its name implies, is mounted to a wall surface and it has the same functions that a normal kiosk can do including the ability to collect payment. Designated for the hotels who wants to provide a large amount of information, but has limitation of floor space. With the bigger screen, hotel will have more opportunities to advertise and promote the hotels packages with "eye-catching" design. 

One thing to take note, a wall mounted kiosk requires more time and effort to set up compared to any other kiosk in the market. But don't worry, if you choose the service provider wisely, they will be able to meet your requirement and needs. 

4. Tabletop Kiosk 

table top hotel kiosk (1)

Typically the smallest kiosks compared to the other three type of kiosks mentioned above. Tabletop Kiosk can be said widely use in restaurants industry for self-ordering. It allows a customer to browse through the menu and place their order without interaction with waitress and waiter. 

In hotel industry, some of the hotels are using this type of kiosk to put at their main lobby for the guests to browse through information besides welcoming and check-in guests. This type of kiosk solution will bring a contemporary touch and blends perfectly with the hotel's environment. 

Are hotel self-service kiosk worth the investment?

When you are considering whether to buy or rent the self service kiosk for your hotels, you will need to have a better and clear understanding which type of kiosk that will give you the best especially in reducing the headcount cost and increase the revenue for your hotel. 

Choose the company provider that will help explain to you clearly the functions, features, pricing, support, maintenance and so on. The integration of Hotel PMS also should take into account so that the process of check-in and check-out will take place smoothly. 

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