4 Benefits of Self-Service Kiosk in Hotel

A self-service kiosk system is a digital touch screen application where guests are able to complete the check-in process themselves without relying on hotel front desk staff. With this, the hotel also provides additional options to your guests to check-in or out at any time without interacting with hotel staff and it gives more time to your staff to handle others hotel operations tasks. 

Self-service kiosks are now a common sight in fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, international airports, and increasingly at hotels in the era of convenience. Competition in the industry is fierce and hoteliers are striving to improve the guest experience in new and innovative ways, which in turn, would bring greater customer satisfaction and higher occupancy rates. From the few clicks needed to make a booking to the fast checkout, guests are becoming more and more tech-savvy demanding instant gratification. Here is why it comes as no surprise that the next big trend in the industry is hotel kiosks. 

Here are 4 benefits for a hotel when implementing self-service kiosk at hotels:- 

Quicker services

One of the benefits of self-service kiosks is that they can speed up routine processes, thus will result in decreased delays and queues. Normally at hotels, when it comes to peak season, many of the guests will experience a long queue waiting for their turn to check-in. The process becomes even more of a hassle when they need to manually fill up their information. Some of them are tired after a long journey, they hope for nothing more than a smooth procedure during the check-in process. 

With self-service kiosk places in the hotel lobby, the long queue process will no longer be experienced by the guests. They can just check-in by simply scanning their I/C or passport and confirming their booking details. Besides that, some of the kiosk systems allow guests to select their room and create their own room keys after they have done check-in. Not only does removing the pause at the front desk provide a fast check-in, but it also simplifies and personalizes the entire check-in process. 

Increase hotel’s revenue with more upsell opportunities

The self-service kiosk system also allows hotels to upsell hotel amenities, tour packages, hotel F&B, spa services, and other add-on services. It allows your guests to browse more services, upgrade their room easily, redeem special offers or purchase additional add-ons at their leisure. 

An easy process that enables guests to find more information about hotel amenities and services, will give them more opportunities to make purchases. Thus, by promoting the add-on services through kiosk machines, hotels can save the cost on the advertisement as well as increase the hotel's revenue. 

Avoid and Reduce Unnecessary Errors

Misspelled guest names are a common mistake that happens often upon check-in. It happens when the front desk enters an incorrect name or typo into the system. These problems may cause unhappy moments during the check-in process such as not being able to find the guest’s reservation resulting in longer wait times and long queues. 

Hotels can prevent such instances as well as duplicated profiles with the kiosk's automatic check-in system. As part of the check-in, having guests type in their personal information and interests reduces human errors to a minimum. The data entered is sent to your PMS directly and information can be easily retrieved.

Improve Guest Stay Experience and Build Long Term Relationships

With the hotel kiosk system connected to the hotel PMS, customer data can be quickly stored and accessed, allowing the hotel to learn about their customer base and deliver a customized experience for the customer to improve customer satisfaction. 

This will allow you to service them better the next time the guests book another stay with you. Based on the system having stored guest profile data, they can use the easy check-in option. Knowing who is a returning customer and reacting accordingly creates an opportunity to convert them into regular customers. With a kiosk system, hotels can analyze how each guest enjoys their stay and they have full control of their stay at their fingertips.

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With self-service kiosks that allow hotels to improve on the guest stay experience in many different ways, the main factor is the short and simple check-in process that can help reduce the time spent standing in queues. The convenient and simplified process is a big bonus to guests, giving them more time to settle down before heading off on their adventures. For hotels, it can help to save or reduce labour costs. Make life easier not only for the front desk but also the back office as the hotel kiosk eliminates many of the processing and recording, reducing the workload for night audit and finance departments.

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