Hotel Front Desk Software: Why You Need The Latest One?

Hotel front desk software is an important tool for front desk staff to manage their task efficiently. By having front desk software or so-called Property Management System (PMS), your staff will be able to handle day-to-day tasks like guest check-in and check-out, housekeeping checklist, room reservations, room availability management, and other functions in a single platform.

This will help in avoiding human error and manual data entry challenges since most of the things will be automated by the system. The moment you use PMS, you will soon realize how much time you save and less effort needed to stay organized.

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Not to forget that technology is growing and changing, neither does the business. In this article, we are going to talk about the reasons why you need the latest hotel front desk software for you to grow your business effectively.

It gives you poor service support

Customer service support is one of the important things when it comes to the bug, downtime, and error. Unfortunately, a bad experience happened at the moment when you received no response from the customer service, and your team will become frustrated. If it seldom happens, it can be forgiven. But, if it happens a few times, then it is the right time for you to think about changing to another provider. 

We know that every second counts as money. If the system downs and you failed to connect with their support team, you might lose any potential revenues. So ask yourself, would you bear poor service support like this forever?

It is not user friendly and difficult to manage according to your staff

If you received many complaints from your staff about their difficulties in managing the daily operations by using the current PMS, then it a sign that the PMS you have right now was not helping much. Hence, it might make it less worthy. If the system becomes more trouble day by day, it will affect your staff performance where it might lead to a high turnover rate. The time that you need to spend in hiring and training new staff is something that you should take into account too. 

Hotel PMS Free

A smart PMS should be user-friendly and easy to use. It is supposed to make your staff and your job easier. But, if it failed to make your hotel front desk job easier, why do you still need to continue using the current one? 

It is not upgrading and showing its age

As technology is rapidly changing the world, your business also needs to change. The system that you are using should grow with it, not be left behind. Try to think in this way, did your current software stay updated with the current trend and latest technology? 

If it does not show much improvement compared to the past years when you have been using it, and if you are still facing the same problems over and over

  •    Spend too much time manually duplicating data
  •    Overbooking problems
  •    Does not automates daily operations
  •    Unable to integrate with third-party systems

Then, it is definitely time for a change. 

It is not mobile responsive


Imagine that your housekeeper can track & manage her housekeeping tasks completely via mobile. Then, your hotel front desk staff would be able to track the status of the room and assign the housekeeping task while she is away from her desk. Isn’t it awesome?

It is an extra advantage to have a PMS that is a mobile-friendly interface where it brings you to the next level. Not embracing digital technologies might be one of the causes of slow business growth. So, if your PMS is not mobile responsive, do not hesitate to make changes now. 

It costs you more than what you get

Logically, reducing operational costs is one of the ways to increase a hotel’s revenue. Adopting smart hotel PMS is one of the solutions that many hotels are implementing currently. How PMS can actually reduce your hotel operational costs?

  •    Increase manpower productivity without increasing the number of them 
  •    Eliminating manual errors which help to avoid financial loss like overbooking 
  •    No setup and maintenance cost that the hotel needs to bear

With your current PMS that you are using right now, would you be able to save your operational cost or it is actually costing you more? 


Now you have a clear idea of what the latest Hotel Front Desk Software should work like. If you are facing one of the 5 problems that we mentioned above, then it is time to consider replacing your current PMS with the latest one.

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