What To Consider Before Running Your Hotel Facebook Ads

Facebook is a kind of social media networking any hotelier can’t ignore. Facebook has billions of active users daily. If you are looking for social media to run your hotel ads, Facebook should be your number one choice. The targeting options on Facebook have made it possible for hoteliers to reach travelers with Facebook ads. You can create Facebook ads by selecting the interest of the people, their location, or their language. Here are some tips on what you need to consider before running your hotel Facebook ads. You can check out the video below on how to run hotel Facebook ads

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Hotel Sales Strategies To Boost Revenue

Every hotelier needs to implement a sales strategy. It is part of revenue generation for hotels. Before any hotel can successfully implement a sales strategy, they should first identify their target market. Without understanding your hotel target market, you may be promoting the wrong people. Identifying and understanding your target market will make sure that all your sales strategy is focused on the right kind of guests. Then only you can implement your sales strategy. This article is written with a focus on hotel sales strategies to boost your hotel revenue.


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Reasons Why Every Hotelier Should Embrace Hotel Content Marketing

Content marketing is very important, and every hotelier needs to integrate content marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy. Content marketing is important because it focuses on educating your hotel guests rather than selling to them directly. Any hotelier who is not involved in content marketing is missing out on a lot of advantages. The truth is that Google and other search engines love hotels that engage in content marketing. Their website is usually on the first page of search engines. This article highlights some reasons why every hotelier should embrace hotel content marketing.


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What To Consider Before Deciding On A Hotel Payment Gateway

There is a lot to consider before deciding on a payment gateway for your hotel. You should make sure you do your research before picking a payment gateway. This is because payment gateways have to do with your guest’s payment information. So, the payment gateway you choose should be able to put the security of your guest’s payment details first. Many property management systems (PMS) allow third-party integration for hotel ease. This also includes payment gateway integration. In this article, we are going to discuss what to consider before deciding on a hotel payment gateway.

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Hotel Online Payment: Understanding Different Payment Methods For Hotels

Your main goal as a hotelier is to fill your rooms and generate more profit. The Internet has a lot of information on how hotels can increase their direct bookings and how they can change their marketing strategy to attract more guests. However, the fact is, if your guests find it difficult to make a payment on your website then all your marketing effort would have been in vain.

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Therefore, it is important to understand that the conversion of your prospective guests begins from the moment they become site visitors to your booking page to your customers. This conversion is only considered complete when your site visitors have paid for their bookings. Hence, it is important for you not to lose your site visitors, especially during their payment stage. This article will discuss the understanding of different hotel online payment methods.


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Hotel Instagram Strategy: How To Maximize Your Instagram Marketing

With the increase in mobile technology, people are now dependent on their mobile for their day-to-day activities. They use their smartphone gadget to take photos everywhere they are. Interestingly, most of these photos find their way to Instagram. Also, the majority of travelers these days are young people. These young people always check on their Instagram to decide where to travel and what to do.

So, as a hotelier, you should seize this opportunity and make your hotel Instagrammable. To do so, you must first create your own Instagram page. Then, you can post pictures of your hotel and also about your guests enjoying themselves at your hotel. Check out some of the hotel's Instagram strategies that your hotel can use.


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Things You Should Consider When Choosing A Bed & Breakfast Reservation Software

bed and breakfast (commonly known as B & B) is a small-scale lodging establishment offering overnight accommodation and breakfast. As a hotelier who owns a B & B hotel, you still need reservation software that suits your hotel’s smaller size. However, most bed and breakfast owners still use excel and reservation books to manage their guests. They do not look for the importance of investing in reservation software, probably because they think their hotel business is small. 


But there are advantages to investing in reservation software for a bed and breakfast. It will make their life easier and help them to better manage their guests. It will also increase their direct booking, therefore, increasing their revenue which is the main objective of every hotel owner. Next, we will discuss some things that you should consider when choosing a hotel bed and breakfast reservation software.

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How To Get Guests To Book Direct

Guests are becoming willing to book directly from hotel websites and social media pages. Due to the high use of gadgets which includes mobile devices, tablets, laptops, etc. Guests now prefer to do their searches online before booking a room. These searches usually take them to hotel websites, and if the hotels are doing their marketing right, they will be getting more direct bookings daily. Direct bookings are more beneficial to hotels compared to bookings from OTAs. This is because OTAs will usually charge high commissions, therefore, decreasing the revenue of the hotel. 

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This article will discuss some of the smart tips on how to get guests to book directly from your hotel.

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How To Identify and Understand Your Hotel Guests' Segmentation

As a hotelier, having a good understanding of who your guests are, it is very important to serve them right. Also, knowing your guests' segmentation will help your marketing team during marketing planning. It will help you to determine your hotel’s target market and focus your attention on them. If you want to communicate with your guests properly and understand their needs, first of all, you need to identify and understand the segmentation of your hotel guests.

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5 Tips On Hotel Digital Marketing: A Must Know For Hoteliers Before 2020

Every hotel needs to have a digital marketing strategy. Time has gone by when hotels don’t care about having a website and social media pages. They depend solely on OTAs to fill their rooms. Any hotel still using this strategy needs to change it before 2020. If your hotel still does not have a website and social media pages where guests can do the direct booking, then you will probably see a drop in your hotel’s revenue, plus more empty rooms by the day. 


Here, we listed five tips on hotel digital marketing that every hotelier needs to know before the coming of the year 2020. We are in a digital age, and every hotel needs a digital marketing strategy to move forward and have a competitive advantage.

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