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Kiosk Solution has been widely used in many business industries such as airports, F&B, and hotels. 7 years ago, Resort World Genting installed its very first kiosk at the hotel lobby to start introducing a self-check-in service. As the world has been hit badly by the Covid-19 pandemic, many more hotels are starting to adopt hotel kiosk solutions.

They are two types of hotel touch screen kiosks that are commonly used in the hotel industry.  

  • Hotel Hybrid Kiosk - the ability to sell products and generate revenue 24/7 with its vending capabilities.
  • Hotel Standing Kiosk - the ability to stand on its own and occupy less space in the hotel lobby.  

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Hotel Hybrid Kiosk

In 2020, Vendfun Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Softinn Solutions introduced a Smart Hybrid Hotel Kiosk with a 50-inch screen. Vendfun is a provider of the hardware and Softinn is the provider of the software. Together, they make it possible for hotels in Malaysia to adopt a contactless service with touch screen kiosk solutions. 


In 2021, more Smart Hybrid Kiosks were deployed to hotels around Malaysia including GM Hotel Sunway Metro, GG Hotel Sunway, Snooze Hotel Cameron Highlands, and Skyview Hotel Dengkil. 

The kiosk has helped the above hotels in providing a self-check-in and check-out service to the guests. Not only that, the vending capabilities provide more revenue opportunities since it allows hotels to sell items like snacks, drinks, or even face masks and hand sanitizers. If you are looking for a hotel kiosk that could bring you opportunities to increase revenue, this Smart Hybrid Kiosk would be the perfect choice for your hotel. 

Hotel Standing Kiosk

Hotel touch screen kiosk solutions have rapidly increased in demand ever since the Malaysia Government announced domestic travel followed by the transition to endemic. Realizing that not all hotels have enough space for the Hybrid Kiosk, Vendfun then introduced a Hotel Slim Kiosk with the same functionality, to provide self-check-in and check-out service but without the vending capabilities. 

Vendfun Standing Slim Kiosk comes with a 32-inch screen, occupying minimal space in the hotel lobby but still offering enough space for the configuration parts with the ability to dispense the key card as well as collect payment. 

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How do they work?

It is a combination of kiosk hardware, kiosk software, and the operating system. If you are not sure what it means to kiosk software and hardware, I believe this blog will be helpful for you. The other important part that you have to know is how the kiosk operates at the backend so that it allows guests to do the self-check-in and check-out smoothly. 

Check out this video on how guests can check in at the hotel easily by using Hotel Kiosk. 

So what happens to your room’s availability, how to manage the price that displays on the kiosk screen, how does it capture the guest's payment, etc? 

The hotel kiosk will need to work with the PMS and Channel Manager. It will help to sync booking reservations and also guest check-ins and outs.

  • Room availability integration. The kiosk will get the room availability and room rates from the hotel PMS. This means that the price and room availability is manageable through Hotel PMS. If you are selling your rooms through more than 2 OTAs, Channel Manager is needed to sync reservations from OTAs automatically. 
  • Transaction recordings. The kiosk will need to push payment as a transaction to the guest folio in the hotel PMS. No manual record is needed. 
  • Room status. The kiosk will get the room status from PMS and room status will need to be updated on the hotel PMS upon guest check-in and out accordingly. 
  • The room key will be dispensed according to the room number that was set in PMS. 


The benefits of hotel touch screen kiosk solutions

  • Serve walk-in guests 
  • Serve guests who have made the reservation through an online booking engine system or OTAs (Agoda,, etc) 
  • Remove the traditional check-in process. The guests don’t have to fill up the form at the reception desk and wait for the key card
  • Reduce queuing time. The process takes place less than 2 minutes to get the key card 
  • Easy check-out process.  
  • Contactless service amid Covid-19. Guests will feel more comfortable and safe
  • Reduce operating costs. Imagine removing your front office and then replacing it with a self-service kiosk - a machine that works 24/7. Your staff can help in doing the marketing that brings more revenue to hotels
  • The solution to high staff turnover

What are the guests’ thoughts about check-in using the kiosk?

Kiosk Review - 1060 X 460 px

What to do next? 

If you are interested to know more about the features, integrations, and other information, book a demo with us. Consultation from the expert is also included. 


Hotel Kiosk Touch Screen Solutions proved that using a hotel kiosk is way more cost-effective. It is integrated with the Property Management System which provides a more efficient and seamless service. It is definitely also a solution compared to hiring additional staff to handle check-in and check-out 24/7 at the hotel. 

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