Distribution Channels for Your Hotel's Content Marketing

Content Distribution is the act of promoting content to an online audience in multiple media formats through various channels.

Creating great content is not enough and would be such a waste if your audience doesn't know it exists. Therefore the distribution of content is an essential part of your marketing strategy-if, not the most critical part.

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What is Content Marketing and Why is it Important for Hotels?

Content marketing should be a part of your hotel's marketing strategy for people to know that your hotel exists.

Showcasing the unique story and brand of your property by creating and distributing valuable assets, such as blogs, posts, videos, infographics, newsletters, etc, helps hotels in attracting and retaining clients. But first, let's get to know what Content Marketing is and what its benefits are before doing so.

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FREE Online Courses for Hoteliers in MCO Period

Locked down at home? Now is your best time to learn. 

We have compiled a list of free online courses and some online Webinars for you  - Hotelier. This is a growing list that will be updated from time to time as we discover new courses. Feel free to suggest new content to be added in the comment section. 

Enjoy and happy learning! 😀

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Software Company in Melaka

There are not many IT Companies in Melaka. In this article, you will find a list of software companies in Melaka that we have compiled, feel free to suggest if we missed out on any.

From the list, we found that most of the software companies are located in Melaka Tengah and Ayer Keroh. To help you in locating them, we have created Google Maps markers here.

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Payment Gateways in Southeast Asia

Payment gateway is a service that processes online payments like credit/ debit cards, FPX Internet Online Banking, and eWallet, etc, for your businesses. The purpose of payment gateways, when incorporated with any e-commerce platform, is to enable customers to pay seamlessly for their online purchases using either credit or debit cards or via online banking.

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How to Protect your Hotel Guests and Staff from Coronavirus

Firstly, the safety and health of the guests and employees are always the top priority. Health should come first and therefore we should take all the required measures to ensure a healthy and safe environment in the hotel's industry. Strict instructions and guidelines must be implemented by international, national, and local public health organizations, including the World Health Organization, and safety precautions should be enforced, including enhanced hygiene measures.

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How to Optimize my Hotel Website Gallery Images

For your Hotel Website, an appealing photo gallery is one of the strongest assets in growing your online business. It converts your website into a powerful channel, able to attract more guests, keeping them, and then convert them to become your customers.

While pictures can be doctored and deceptive, genuine companies providing photo galleries should make sure that what the consumer sees is what the customer will get when they buy your products or services. That’s because photos work as a double-edged sword, you will lose people’s trust instead of gaining it if you disappoint them.

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How to Assess If My Hotel Website is Mobile-friendly?

A mobile-friendly website is a website that can run the same way across devices, without any changes or missing on a computer or mobile device.

However, some features are limited and are difficult to be used on mobiles like, navigation drop-downs and no Flash animation is used instead. 

As global mobile usage keeps growing, an overwhelming number of hotel bookings are coming from smartphones to the hospitality industry. People now are Five times more inclined to leave a web unless it is mobile-friendly. Now is a good time for tech-savvy hotels to upgrade the mobile-friendliness of their website, and as a result, generate further conversions.

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How to Test my Hotel Website Performance?

We are living in a fast-moving world. People want things as fast as possible and when something takes too long, they immediately get dissatisfied. Optimizing your website speed will break that wall between you and your audience. Google is people’s Best-friend, therefore, it understands that they want fast access to information, products, services, and entertainment. Hence, it appreciates websites that load quickly.

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How to Boost Reservation on Your Hotel's Website

How to Boost Reservation on Your Hotel's Website

When starting your hotel, the first question that will immediately pop in your mind will be:

“How can I get more bookings and more revenue?”

Boosting your Hotel reservations and getting more revenue would be one of the most rewarding yet challenging tasks for any hotelier.

All the same, we are all aware of the technology today and how it has taken over. Travelers today are enabled to carry out their comparative analysis without even leaving their place or beds. So if your hotel is not easy to find online, there's no doubt that your reservations are few and far between. For potential bookings, you need to be all over online, so people can find you in the window when they need to book a place to stay or even think about it.

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