A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide to e-Invoicing for Malaysian Hotels

As announced in Malaysia's 2024 Financial Budget, e-invoicing will be implemented in three different stages impacting varying turnover or revenue thresholds, offering significant advantages for Malaysian hotels. Not only does it streamline processes and reduce paperwork, but it also enhances efficiency and facilitates better financial management.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into everything Malaysian hotels need to know about e-invoicing, aiming to equip Malaysian hotels with the essential knowledge and steps required to seamlessly integrate e-invoicing into hotel operations. 

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Exploring Adel Hotel Door Lock: Variations & Advanced Features

Discovering the perfect hotel door lock to suit your security needs involves navigating through a diverse array of options, exploring innovative features, and considering pricing. 

That’s why investing in a dependable and advanced door lock system, such as the Adel Door Lock, is paramount in safeguarding your property. 

In this article, let’s uncover how investing in Adel Hotel Door Lock products not only provides cutting-edge technology and reliable access control but also offers peace of mind knowing your property is well protected.

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Why Residential Door Locks Fall Short in Meeting the Security Requirements of Hotels and Airbnb

Exploring the security concerns surrounding the use of residential door locks in hotels and Airbnb.

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How To Sync Airbnb Calendar With Booking.com

As a hotelier, ensuring a seamless guest experience is essential for maximizing revenue. However, managing bookings across platforms like Airbnb and Booking.com can pose challenges, including double bookings and overbooking. Syncing your Booking.com and Airbnb calendars resolves these issues.

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Hotel Booking Engine: Understanding the Fundamentals

In this evolving era where technology is designed to help and simplify day-to-day life, the hotel industry has also undergone a lot of transformation. With the rise of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and the increasing demand for seamless booking experiences, hoteliers have started to recognize the value of prioritizing direct bookings. Hence, this is where a powerful tool - Hotel Booking Engine exists and plays a crucial role in driving direct bookings, connecting with the guests directly, and ultimately enhancing guests' satisfaction. 

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Future Payment Gateway For Philippine Hotel: Challenges & Opportunities

As the tourism sector in the Philippines continues to flourish, the demand for enhanced accommodation services escalates.

Hotels and resorts are confronted with the need to embrace streamlined solutions that simplify online reservation processes, particularly through the integration of accessible payment methods. 

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Payment Gateway for Indonesian Hotels: Key Criteria to Consider

In Indonesia’s hospitality industry, digital payment solutions like hotel payment gateways are now essential. As guest preferences shift towards online bookings and contactless payments, hoteliers require secure, convenient and easily integrated payment solutions. 

Understanding how hotel payment gateways work is crucial for improving guest experience and streamlining transactions. 

Therefore, let’s delve into the realm of hotel payment gateways in Indonesia, examining their benefits, hurdles and best practices for implementation.

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Hotel Booking Engine & Channel Manager: How does it works?

Ever wondered how hotels effortlessly manage bookings and keep everything in sync? The secret lies in two powerful tools – hotel booking engines and channel managers.  While the Property Management System (PMS) also plays a vital role in this choreography, my focus in this blog post will be exclusively on the dynamic duo of booking engines and channel managers as they team up to streamline the booking process, maximize room occupancy, and elevate overall guest satisfaction. 

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Malaysia E-Invoicing: What Hoteliers Need to Know

In May 2023, the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board (IRB) officially declared its intention to implement the new electronic invoicing (e-invoice) system, starting with the initial phase targeting 4,000 businesses. The implementation is scheduled to start on 1st Aug 2024 for businesses achieving an annual sales threshold of RM100 million. 

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Malaysia's 8% SST in 2024 – Insights for Hoteliers

~Updated on 19th February 2024~

In response to the recent announcement in Malaysia's Budget 2024 presented in Parliament, a significant development is on the horizon that may cast a substantial impact on the hotel industry. There is an increase in the Sales & Services Tax (SST) from the current 6% to 8% which will take effect from 1st March 2024. 

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