Contactless Check-in for Hotels

Hospitality industry is one of the biggest sectors that hit hardest by Covid-19 pandemic. The government are forced to imposed lockdown and travel restrictions, putting the hotel industries to the toughest situation. 

Nevertheless, many hotels businesses are now trying to fight and find the solutions so that they can operate the business as usual with the new safety measures and adopting to the new normal so that the guests feel comfortable and safe during their stay.

The limitations to human contact and social distancing are now changing the way hotel check-in their guests. Many hotels started to stop the traditional check-in and implement a contactless check-in service instead. 

What is a contactless check-in?

Before I explain to you about a contactless check-in, let's talk about a traditional check-in. A traditional check-in at the hotel is when the guest come in to the hotel, queues at the hotel lobby, waiting for their turn to collect the room key, filling up their details with pen and paper, hand over their identity card or passport to the receptionist to scan it, then after a few process only they will receive the room key to check-in. 

This whole process involves with a few touchpoints and contact. Imagine this happens during the peak season and many of the guests are queueing, waiting for their turn, this will leads to a bad customer experience at the first impression. The process that are supposed to be easier, it turns to be the frustrating experience. 

While the traditional check-in has a lengthy process, a contactless check-in has the key to drive a safe journey experience and provide a seamless check-in process for your guests. Contactless check-in allow your guests to bypass the hotel front desk, doing a self check-in with the technology provided by the hotel, access to their room easily with no human contact. 

Type of contactless check-in used by the hotels 

Mobile app

Allow guest to self-check-in through their own smartphone by using mobile app installed in it. Guests will have the convenient to check-in from anywhere by confirming their reservation number, providing the details and documents needed by the hotels and  they will be able to access to their rooms with mobile key. 


Hotel Kiosk 

The check-in process by using a hotel kiosk will take place normally at the hotel lobby or check-in points, where the kiosk has been placed properly. Kiosk is proven to be the effective way of check-in nowadays especially post Covid-19. It allows guest to check-in at their own conveniences 24/7. There are many types of hotel kiosks available in the market. Different types of kiosks will give different kinds of experiences. Some of them comes with revenue opportunities like vending machine while streamline the check-in process. 
Kiosk check-in machine (12)

How contactless check-in works? 

Contactless check-in eliminates most of the manual work and process with no human contact. Besides provide a safe journey experience to the guests, there are a lot more benefits of using contactless check-in that you should know. 

To make a contactless check-in hotel works, your hotel need to have a Property Management System first to make it synchronize with the reservation, room status and availability. All of this will be done automatically by using the hotel check-in software. This time, I will cover how contactless check-in using hotel kiosk works:

Imagine the guest makes a booking through platform. Guest arrive at the hotel lobby, search for his booking number through hotel kiosk. If the payment has not been made yet, that guest will be able to make a payment through hotel kiosk, provided if that kiosk accept payment , then the kiosk machine will dispense the room key directly. Hotel Kiosk will not only serve the booking that has been made in advance, but it also serve walk-in guest and allow anyone to make a booking on the spot if there is any available room. 

Behind above process, there are integration processes take place between hotel kiosk software and hotel PMS to automate it. While guest make a booking, the reservation details will sync automatically from to hotel PMS via Channel Manager. The moment guest check-in through hotel kiosk, kiosk will track the room status and cleaning progress. Then, kiosk track the payment status and request the payment from guest if needed. Finally, the room key card will be dispensed out from the machine for the guest to collect it. Everything is conveniences at the fingertips. 

Below is an example of how guest can do a self-check-in at hotel lobby by using hotel kiosk that includes a vending machine.

After looking at the video, are you ready to upgrade your hotel services and provide the convenience check-in to your guests? Let's talk with us. 

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