How To Promote Resorts in 2023

There is fierce competition among resort owners, and each resort strives to increase revenue. To make people aware of your resort, you must make sure you promote your resort accordingly. By promoting your resort, you can attract more guests.

Resorts are one of the most sought-after destinations for people to enjoy their vacation. With so many resorts, guests have too many choices to choose from. How do you make sure your resort is picked by them? It will depend on how well you promote your resort. 

What Are Resorts?

What is a resort?

What is a resort? Similar to a hotel, a resort is a location where guests can unwind or engage in leisure activities. Simply said, a hotel is made for sleeping. Many resorts offer amenities for the whole family, including game rooms, lounges, pools, and occasionally even nearby theme parks. The beautiful thing about resorts is that everything usually comes with the initial purchase. 

Sure, hotels and resorts are places you can sleep. But, resorts offer you a whole new experience to have fun and relax. It's not just for sleeping. That's why family and couple vacations prefer resorts over hotels.

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How To Promote Your Resort

A business can increase the visibility of its services or brand using a variety of strategies, all of which fall under the umbrella concept of promotion. A company cannot attract clients without at least some level of promotion, and without clients, it is only a matter of time before the company must shut its doors.

With so many resorts competing for guests' attention, resort management must highlight their top features to demonstrate why their property is superior. Here are ways you can promote your resort:


1. Have A Professional Resort Website 

By highlighting its distinctive offers, a properly designed website will provide your resort competitive edge. Furthermore, it will make it simpler for prospective clients to identify your resort, book reservations, and obtain the information they require. You may make a good first impression, gain your consumers' trust, post packages, and improve bookings with a well-designed website.  

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2. Leveraging Social Media 

Promote resorts with social media

Social media is the main hub for promotion nowadays. It's no wonder as most people spend their time scrolling through social media during their free time. Having no social media will quickly make guest lose their interest in you.

Facebook and Instagram are the usual platforms resorts use to promote and engage with their guest. Resorts can post photos, short videos, and respond to people there. Having a social media presence is vital to add to your credibility and brand image. Posting aesthetic pictures and posters will help your brand image and positively promote your resort. 

Youtube may not be used often by resorts to promote but the number of Youtube users should be leveraged. Resorts can make use of this and post resort tour videos or showcase the fun activities or amenities at your resort. Same with Tiktok, its number of users is increasing each day and people prefer watching short videos. Resorts can join in on trends and promote their resort at the same time. 

Videos can be utilized to promote the resort's attractiveness, breathtaking view, exciting activities, setting, and luxurious lodging. They can also be utilized to highlight the resort's special events, spa services, and culinary options. Resorts can establish an emotional connection with potential guests and increase brand trust through video. 


3. Network with Travel Agencies

Travel agency and resorts

By serving as a middleman between the guest and the resort, travel agents give guests the information they need to make lodging decisions. By networking with agents, you can get access to a much larger clientele because they will know many people who are looking for a vacation place. 

As the guest put their trust in the agents, your resort being promoted by them will increase the chance of the guest choosing to stay at your resort. Keeping great connections with outside parties is important and networking is a vital skill in the hospitality business. 


4. Get Listed On OTAs

List resorts on OTA

Get your resort listed on multiple Online Travel Agencies (OTA) as this increases the exposure of your resort. Some guests prefer visiting OTA websites to survey resorts. They boost your hotel's reputation, promote your resort, and let you reach a larger audience. 

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5. Maximize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies

SEO for resorts

The practice of search engine optimization (SEO) is designed to raise a hotel website's placement in search engines like Google. It helps you to improve your resort's reservations, increase website traffic, and develop your internet visibility. 

Google search results are shown as an endless scroll, which means that as you scroll down, more results appear. The number of clicks a webpage receives drastically declines beyond the first 5 links. That's why you need to do SEO the correct way so you can successfully promote your resort. Combining SEO elements to create efforts for SEO includes:

◼️ Keyword

◼️ Backlinks

◼️ Contents

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6. Google

Most people use Google as their preferred search engine. Appearing high on search results will give you leverage over other resorts. Being high on search results also makes you more trustworthy in the eyes of users. That's why it's a great promotion strategy. There are two ways you can do this: 

i. Google Business Listing

You can boost your place on search results by having a Google Business Listing. This amazing tool is completely free and you only need to sign up

Google business listing for resorts

Refer highlighted picture above, that's how your business will be viewed on Google search results by guests if you use Google Business Listing. Immediately, your business looks more credible to your guest. It's a great and simple way to promote your resort to guests. 

You must include in the listing any relevant business information. The resort's opening times, contact information, images, and any details you want to make easily available to your guests. Guests can quickly select "Website" or "Directions," which boosts their likelihood of making a direct reservation with you. 


ii. Google Hotel Search

Another plus point, if you have Google Business Listing is you'll pop up on Google Resort Search. Google will display your room rates, your amenities, and other features you want to highlight. 

Google hotel search for resorts

This gives your resort more exposure thus more people are aware of your resort. If the guest is interested in booking a room at your resort, they can just click 'Book A Room' and be directed to either your website or an OTA you linked of their choice. 


iii. Google Free Booking Link

Google free booking links for resorts

Google Free Booking Link are dedicated blocks of links put under Google Hotel Ads in the Google Search Result and it's free. Normally, hoteliers would have to pay for Google Ads in order to appear on the first page of Google Search Results.

With this new change, Google is making it possible for resorts and hotels to be included for free. This new system's principal recipients would be hotels and suppliers. You would have a new, better approach to contacting potential guests, whether local or worldwide, thanks to Google's huge user reach. Even though it's free, it's proven as a great way to promote your resort. 

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Benefits of Promoting Your Resort

Benefits of promoting your resort

1. Increase Sales

Promoting your resort more will make more people gain awareness of what you have to offer. This will lead to an increase in sales as people are more interested to stay at your accommodation. Promoting your resort in various ways is beneficial in the long run

2. Increase Value

When you do more promoting, you have to think about how you can give the guest more value. You need something to market, and better value is the best thing to market. Increasing the value of your resort will increase the chance of the guest choosing your resort over others. 

3. Reputation Improved

Your reputation with the guest is built as a result of your exposure through promoting and marketing. Guests are drawn to you because they see your increasing promoting efforts as a sign of improved business success. When promoting successfully, your reputation will result in greater levels of trust from your target market, bringing in more visitors and increasing earnings.

4. Increase Reach

Using different types of promoting strategies for your resort will give you a wider target market reach. People use different applications to search for accommodations. Utilizing each platform will result in a different source of guests and an increase in sales



There are many ways for you to promote your resort. You must know your target market, study which promoting strategy works best with your resort, and analyze your resort's performance after all the promoting efforts. If you want to learn more about the target market, you can take a few minutes to read Target Market of Beach Resort. 

Following these steps and tips to personalize your own resort-promoting strategies to provide the best stay for your guests. 

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