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Beach resorts are those resorts that are located close to the water or the beach where people go to relax. As a business person or as a hotelier, it is very important to know your target market. When you don’t know your target market, you may be marketing your hotel to the wrong group of people and be wondering why your rooms are not being sold out.


There are ways and some tools you can use to identify your target market. These include surveys, online reviews, Google Analytics, social media insight, etc. Below we are going to discuss some of the target markets for a beach resort.  


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When it comes to a beach resort and their target market, the first group of people that always come to mind are tourists. This is because the beach is always a tourist-centre where people from different parts of the world will likely visit. These days many tourists are tired of the big cities, they are fed up with tall buildings and skyscrapers, busy streets and fast cars. They just want to visit a beach, relax and enjoy themselves in the water. So, as a hotelier, if your hotel is a beach resort, then you are probably getting many tourist guests.

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The young ones are the ones who have major tourist locations on their list of places to visit. The Millennials are always ready to travel. When you look around the beach you will mostly see young people. And as a hotelier managing a beach resort, if you can check your resort historical data, you will see that most of your guests fall under this category. This group of people always use any opportunity they get to travel to tourist attraction centres and the beach is one of their main destinations.



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When it comes to beach vacations especially during school or public holiday seasons, families are usually among those beach visitors. Most times families find it difficult to create time for themselves. Either they are busy working schedules, inappropriate travelling time, or their children are having classes.  Families just couldn’t get the right time to be together. So any time they get the opportunity to travel, they take it and one of the destinations for families is also the beach. Unlike tourists and young people, families always plan their travel ahead of time. They book their accommodations on time and also, they plan for the activities they are going to be engaged with.

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Last but not least, couples are the commonly found visitors in a beach resort, especially newly married couples, engaged couples, or people in a serious relationship. These couples are always looking for where to go to strengthen their love for each other or planning for their honeymoon trip and the beach is usually a top destination for couples. 


In conclusion, it is very important as a hotelier that you know who your target market is. When you have already identified your target market, then you can focus your energy on promoting your hotels to these groups of people.

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