How Hotels Can Use Video Marketing To Increase Sales

Video marketing has become a new marketing concept. Any hotelier who is not engaging in video marketing or sharing video content of his hotel is missing out on the opportunity that video marketing has to offer.

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Videos can capture audience’s attention more than images. Another benefit of video is that it is versatile, you can use it as a product video, explainer video, promotional video, educational video, back scene video, or virtual tour video. Video is easy to share, easy to digest and easy to engage with. As a hotel marketer, including video marketing should be among your marketing strategies if you are serious about filling your hotel rooms. Let’s discuss some of the ways hotels can use video marketing to increase sales.


Focus on Quality

When it comes to video, the quality really matters. High quality videos attract more views and engagement compared to the low ones. When the quality of your video is good it will attract more bookings for your hotel. When your guest notices the poor quality in your video, they will lose interest and move over to the next video. So, it is very important that you only create quality videos.


Deliver a Specific Message

Video marketing will help you as a hotel marketer to pass a specific message to your audience. Perhaps as a hotel marketer, you want to encourage your audience to start booking directly from your hotel website and social media. Always have a specific message in your video that you wish to deliver to your potential guests.


Promote a Specific Product or Service

When it comes to hotels, it is not about solely selling rooms. You can use video marketing to promote other hotel’s products or services. These can be your hotel’s wedding halls, conference rooms, spa and massage services, tour booking services, adventure packages, etc. Any product or service that your hotel is offering can be promoted through video marketing. When people are planning their events or holiday, they usually do some research and it is during this research period that they will watch these product videos which, in return, will help them to make a decision.

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Educate Your Target Audience

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you keep answering the same question over and over again. This can be about the size and capacity of your wedding hall or conference rooms. Or about the facilities in your hotel. If this is the case, instead of answering these questions repeatedly you can simply make a video to educate your guests on this. This video will answer your FAQ and also engage your audience, therefore, bringing in more business to you.

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In conclusion, always share your video with your audience. Upload your video on your website and also share it with your audience on your hotel’s social media page. YouTube is also another video sharing platform that you can’t ignore as a hotel marketer. Uploading your video on social media will enable it to be shared by your guests, which will give the video a wider reach.

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