Best Promotion Strategy for Beach Resorts

Promoting is crucial in this era to ensure your business gets the needed attention from the public. That's why you need a solid plan and strategy to promote your resort. A strong promotion strategy can help your resort in the long run. 

Avoid the bustle of the city and relax in a quiet area while taking in the sun, sea, and sand while taking in the sounds of the waves washing up on the coast. That's what people are looking for when they check in at a beach resort. A relaxing gateway that offers them a new experience simultaneously. Since so many people want to experience this, the number of beach resorts continues to rise. How do you make sure your beach resort can keep attracting guests? 

Resorts vs Beach Resorts

Resorts and beach resorts

Before that, what makes a resort and a beach resort different from each other? From the name, you can probably have a clue what makes these two a bit different from each other. It's simple, one offers a beach and one doesn't. Resorts offer guests an experience with tons of services and amenities. It's somewhere you go to take a break and relax. A beach resort tends to be more luxurious than usual resorts. With a beach resort, they offer more activities and have more entertainment that guests can sign up to. 

Thus, you can do more promotion strategy to promote beach resorts as it has more to offer to guests. 

Best Beach Resort Promotion Strategy 

The market for resorts is competitive, so resorts must highlight their unique selling points if they want to stand out. A successful resort promotion or marketing plan will concentrate on showcasing the unique qualities that set a resort apart from the competition. Here are some promotion strategies for beach resorts you can follow:

1. Marketing Through Videos

Video marketing can reach potential guests, show off their unique goods and services, and build a strong brand identity. Videos can use virtual walks and other creative methods to show off the beach's beauty, the fun things to do, the location, and the luxurious rooms.

They can also be used to show off the unique events, spa services, and dining experiences that your resort has to offer. The most recent figures on video marketing show that 86% of marketing workers use video as a tool. Below shows how marketers plan to use video in the future.

Video marketing beach resort
Source: Wyzowl

Through videos, resorts can connect with possible guests on an emotional level and build trust in their brand. Videos can be used to sell trip deals and discounts, customer testimonials, and other helpful information to reach audiences with short attention spans and effectively connect with them.  You can either post them on your official website, social media, or as advertisements.

6 Ideas for Beach Resorts Promotion Videos:

i. Resort introduction video

ii. Service promotional video

iii. Beach resort vlogs

iv. FAQ video

v. User-generated video

vi. Guest testimony video

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2. Focus on Social Media Platforms 

To get the attention of the people you want to reach on social media, you must create well-curated, personalized experiences. You can set yourself apart from other beach resorts through social media marketing.  

  1. Promote Content By Users

    By resharing the posts of past guests and people who are interested, you can be closer to them, which is a great way to get more customers involved. In turn, this makes people more aware of your brand because more and more of your past customers and people who are interested will put your beach resort on their trip lists.

    Businesses that listen to their customers and actively respond to their feedback are in a prime position to meet those guest demands, increase the level of personalization, and humanize their content in a way that helps them connect with those guests on a more meaningful level. Most people know about a business through social media, so having a good image there is essential. 


    Beach resort promote content made by user

  2. Know Your Target Audiences 

    Your target market establishes the tone for all aspects of your marketing plan, from the creation and development of your services to the selection of the distribution channels you will employ. Your target market is the group you wish to sell your service to. They share demographics and behaviors. They are your best customers.  

    Figure out which social media platform your guest are most active in. From there, you can compile data and know what kind of content they wish to see and what content brings in more future guests. Defining your target audience and their desired content will help you promote your beach resort better.

    Their feedback on social media will be of great help to curate content. To make things easier for you, you can download the Guest Feedback Tool: The Ultimate Guide for Hoteliers. Don't worry, it's free and it provides media monitoring tools that can help you with knowing how your guest react to your business online. 


3. Hire Influencers

hire influencers for resort promotion

Reaching out for outside help might do your resort some good. Nowadays, influencers have a significant following of individuals interested in their material, which may help promote your beach resort. This empowers people to publish exciting stuff about your resort. Your resort's reputation can benefit from influencers' credibility. Influencers may also help you boost customer happiness by sharing visitor experiences. 

Influencers are also looking for new content most of the time. Hiring them to promote your beach resort would help them gain new ideas for their content while also giving you exposure. It's between the resort management and the influencer to decide what the payment would be. Note that influencers have different rates, depending on the size of their followers and influence. 

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4. Guest Loyalty Programs

Guest loyalty program resort

A guest loyalty program is also known as a hotel rewards program. By offering hotel points, you can express gratitude to and encourage repeat business from your guest. This can improve their current stay or give them an even better experience in their future one. This will reinforce to the guest that they made the proper choice and that they should always return to your beach resort.

Guest loyalty programs may come in many shapes and there is more than one approach to promote guest loyalty at your beach resort — every guest is unique thus they will behave differently. Guest loyalty programs are usually done according to guests' number of stay and their hotel points.

Some examples of guest loyalty programs you can run are:

i. Point Collection

The points may be redeemed for free stays (depending on the reward the hotel wants to offer) once they reach the required minimum points. The higher the points, the higher the value of the reward.

ii. Partnership 

Some hotels partner with outside resources for services like spas or cafes. Once guests meet the criteria you've established, they can start receiving the advantages given by your merchants. 

iii. Personalized

There are no predetermined requirements for this loyalty/reward program. It depends entirely on the hotel or resort. For recently opened and low-cost establishments, this form of hotel reward program is appropriate as it doesn't have a high cost. 

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5. Excellent Customer Service

Beach resort customer service 

Customer service refers to how your company interacts with its guests in both ordinary business interactions and as a crisis management tactic. Your customer service team serves as the first line of defense in handling guest complaints and is crucial for retaining guests over the long term, which directly and significantly affects your beach resort's revenue. After several negative contacts, 73% of customers will switch to a rival, and more than half will quit after just one negative encounter.

Remember that people choose resorts over hotels because it offers more experience. It's your duty to fulfill each guest's satisfaction level and make it an enjoyable experience for them. With excellent customer service, you can promote your beach resort in the long run. Satisfied with how the resort treats them, guests will choose to keep visiting the resort and share their positive experiences with others. You not only retain guests but get a higher chance of increasing the number of guests. 

To have better customer service, you need to prioritize the feedback from guests. If you want help, you can just download this Guest Feedback Tools: The Ultimate Guide for Hoteliers ebook. Don't worry, it's completely free and it will come in handy. 


How to provide your visitors great hotel customer service

Customer service for beach resorts


A beach resort may be promoted in a variety of ways. When it comes to advertising a beach resort, every little bit helps, so looking into all of your possibilities is essential! Exploring and trying all kinds of strategies can help you determine which one brings more value to your business. 

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