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Services Offered by IonCodex

Hotel Digital Marketing

On their approach to making a reservation, customers will encounter over 30 touchpoints. We’ll develop a digital marketing strategy that puts you where your customers are online.

With 8+ years of expertise in Email Marketing, PPC, Analytics, and social media marketing, our team is revenue management qualified and skilled E-Commerce strategists.

Hotel Website Design

An engaging hospitable website is one that is interesting enough for your prospective guests to spend time on. It is also one where visitors are not passive readers, but active participants who make a booking or reservation and contribute to the contents of the website.




Professional Web Hosting

Websites Speed is a big problem for companies who have a lot of important digital assets which they render on their sites. Digital assets are their websites' data, images, video, JavaScript and database files. These digital assets can be quite large and occupy lots of memory on the server.

Your business's website is everything – if it's down, your brand and bottom line can be majorly affected. There are several web hosting companies that can provide varying types of hosting for your website. These options vary from virtual private servers (VPS) to standard shared hosting.

Cyber Security is another critical problem we encounter on the web today, files are copied or misplaced and completely lost nowadays because of how hackers crawl and attack individuals or business systems, there are a lot security risks that can be avoided with the right commitment to the best and most affordable web hosting solutions.

Hotel Revenue Management

At Ion codex not only do we offer the best solutions for increasing your booking for your hotel business, we also offer world class Digital Master Coaching Program to teach hoteliers the secrets of how they can maximize revenue by promoting their business online through the right channels.


When you sign up for our hospitality digital masters coaching program, you will learn more about softinn booking engine, platform manager, OTA, Digital marketing and the features of an attractive and engaging website.