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The success story of Embun Luxury Villas

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Embun Luxury Villas is a new local luxury villa located roughly a 45 minutes drive away from Kuala Lumpur. Named after the owner's mother, inspired by her own travels around the globe and driven by her desire to create a haven of tranquillity, what started out as a personal project for the family is now a popular luxury villa in Malaysia. Located on a hill and surrounded by nature, it is a great place for one to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, to really rest and relax.

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Before Using Softinn

Embun Luxury Villas used to manage all daily operations manually, this meant that:-

❌ Booking records and payments were manually traced

❌ Room's availability and calendar were manually updated

❌ Quotations and receipts were manually prepared (using paper and pen)

❌ They manually went through and responded to hundreds of booking request and enquiries across email, WhatsApp and the various social media platforms.

❌ No automation for customer enquiries resulted in many receiving a slow response 

Before using Softinn, they never used any hotel management system. All day-to-day operations were carried out manually by the hotel's staff, which was time-consuming, slow and lead to a bad customer experience

Embun villa case study illustration before-3
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Honest Feedback After Using Softinn

They loved our solution just like how we loved helping them. Below are what they said after few weeks of using our solutions:

Untitled design (58) Pleasant onboarding experience

Untitled design (58) Prompt response to enquiries and feedback given was well received

Untitled design (58) Reduced workload allowed them to focus more on marketing and improving customer experience

Untitled design (58) Easily make changes to their website content with the Softinn Content Management System

Untitled design (58) Successfully generated 80% from the total bookings directly through the official website

Untitled design (58) Cash flow more manageable after installing their own payment gateway. The payment gateway charges are also low which they could save on the transaction fees

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What Made Them Choose Softinn

Untitled design (58) Relatively new to the market with room to grow and improve

Untitled design (58) The solutions solved their needs and wants ( smooth process from booking till check-out)

Untitled design (58) Provide a centralized reservation system that allowed them to automate certain procedures

Untitled design (58) Manage sales accounts and reports better

Untitled design (58) Powerful marketing tools to run marketing campaigns and showcase the latest offers

Untitled design (58) Better handling booking modification or cancellation with a self-service cancellation system

We believe they are many hotels out there that face the same issues as Embun Luxury Villas. Whether you are a new hotel just starting out or an old hotel, doing things manually can prove to be slow, troublesome and honestly a waste of your precious time. So take the leap and experience the benefits of digitalization and direct booking for yourself!
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