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The success story of Maryami Sufi Wellness Spa Resort

Rumah Penginapan Bonda Rozita


Maryami Sufi Wellness Spa Resort or well-known as Bonda Valley, own by Bonda Rozita one of the famous successful businesswomen in Malaysia. Located at Batang Kali, the resort comes with two different types of accommodations which are Rumah Hutan and Rumah Sungai. Inspired by the owner, the concept of the resort is following Malay houses which represent the beauty and wisdom of traditional architecture. With great pleasure, Bonda Valley is a good choice for anyone who wishes for the best trip with nature.

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The Challenges

With more than 20 units of different houses to offer, Maryami Sufi Wellness Spa Resort used to pick up and manage all the reservations manually. It is sad to say that with the traditional process, they used to: 

❌ Delay in replying high volume of WhatsApp messages

❌ Use manual reservation form to collect booking enquiries from website 

❌ Collect only a minimum deposit from guests to confirm their bookings which might increase the chance of no show

❌ No proper system to manage the booking cancellation and modification 

❌ Manually update the reservations and payments with Excel

❌ Rooms status and housekeeping task were manually traced

Without a hotel management system, they encountered such inefficient day to day operations which resulted in bad customer experience. Due to that, they tend to receive many complaints and bad reviews. 

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The Solutions


Maryami Sufi team found Softinn through Google and decided to discuss further on how Softinn Solutions could help to better manage their hotel business. After exploring the free trial account, a few online meetings and discussions, they decided to use Softinn Booking Engine and PMS to streamline their hotel business operations. Softinn helps and guides them to:

Untitled design (58) Install Softinn Booking Engine on the existing official website to accept direct bookings and reduce the number of booking inquiries from WhatsApp

Untitled design (58) Setup Billplz as a payment gateway on Softinn Booking Engine to collect full payment directly from the guests with minimum payment gateway charges

Untitled design (58) Use Softinn PMS to track all the reservations from the website and walk-in

Untitled design (58) Fully utilized the use of PMS to improve hotel operational efficiency and remove manual works to avoid unnecessary errors 

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The Oustanding Results

After installing the Softinn Booking  Engine on the official website and start using Softinn PMS, they did a very good job and achieved the following great results:

Untitled design (58) On a day-1, they received 80 bookings from the booking engine within 8 hours and 83% from them successfully converted to paid bookings

Untitled design (58) Within less than 24 hours, they achieved the sales bookings closed to RM72K

Untitled design (58) All the reservations and guests' payments are updated accordingly on Softinn PMS 

Untitled design (58) Room status can be traced and assigned easily. The nightmare of overbooking is never an issue anymore

Untitled design (58) Deliver a seamless  booking experience to the guests which resulted in good and positive reviews 

The choice is yours. Whether you want to stick with the traditional method that you think can save the cost (which is not), or you want to take the first step now to improve your direct booking strategy and increase the productivity that could bring more revenues to your hotel!
Take the first step now! We are happy to help you to achieve a good result.
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