Softinn Hybrid Hotel Kiosk

Allows self check-in, check-out and serves walk-in customers in your hotel lobby. Boost your hotel revenue by upselling products and vouchers with VendFun Smart Hybrid Kiosk
Softinn Hotel Kiosk System

Kiosk Interface

• Used in kiosk to check-in and check-out guest.

• Serves both reservation and walk in guests.

Mykad Reader

Seamless Check-In

• Easily get all the necessary info to check in guests by scanning their NRIC.

• Not a local? Get guest details with a passport instead.

vending mode

Vending Interface

• Used in the VendFun Smart Hybrid Kiosk.

• Upsell products and earn revenue passively!

Key Encoder

Room Key Encoder

• Dispense encoded room keys directly from the machine


Increase Revenue Opportunities

○ Built-in vending capabilities

○ Sell snacks, drinks and daily necessities

○ Offer vouchers in collaboration with nearby attractions


The only Smart Hybrid Kiosk that helps to generate profit by up-selling goods 24/7


Seamless Check-in Process

○ Easy check-in procedure with reservation code

○ Check-in guests using I.C. or passport

○ Dispense key cards directly from the machine


Improve Productivity
& Reduce Cost

○ Eliminate hotel front desk queues

○ More automated process. Reduces headcount needed

○ Auto-sync reservation to your PMS


Streamline hotel operations and enhance your guest experience


Support Multiple Payment Modes

○ Credit/Debit Card

○ Pay with popular E-wallets

○ Touch ‘n Go, Boost, Grab & Alipay

50’ Full Touch Screen Smart Hybrid Kiosk
Guest Self Check-In
I.C Scanner & Passport Scanner
Synced with Softinn PMS
Room Card Dispenser
Receipt Printer
Pay with Credit Card, Debit Card or E-Wallet

Touch n’ Go | Boost | Grab | Alipay

Sell Products as a Vending Machine



1946 x 1011 x 890mm

General FAQ

What separates this kiosk from the rest?

This is the ONLY solution in the market that offers the convenience of self check-in and out paired with the ability to upsell products bundled together in one machine.

What type of payment is accepted?

Credit card, Debit card, Touch 'N Go, Boost, Grab and Alipay.

How do I set the price? How do I manage the room availability?

Both the price and the room inventory are editable as a rates plan on Softinn PMS

Which door lock brands are integrated?

We’re integrated with any MIFARE standard door locks. Verified brands are Intego. No additional charges to integrate new door lock vendor.

Does the machine accept cash payments?

No, currently only cashless payment is accepted but an optional cash acceptor is being planned as a paid upgrade by Q3 2021.

Can the kiosk be bought outright instead of rented monthly?

There is currently no option for this, however it may be offered in the near future.

What happens in the event of theft or vandalization?

There will be a fee charged for repair or replacement. However there is also optional insurance to avoid such liabilities.

What can be done in the event of the kiosk lagging or glitching while I'm not around?

In case of such an event, the machine can be rebooted remotely.

What happens in the event that internet connection is lost?

Although highly unlikely, those with fully paid bookings will still be able to check in as normal as only transactions involving payment will be affected.

What kind of support will be provided?

Online or over the phone support, onsite visit from technician as well as repairs and replacement of parts in the event of malfunction.

Should I replace the front desk completely with kiosk to save cost?

While that is certainly an option, we recommend running a kiosk system in tandem with human staff.  Removing the shift with the lowest amount of activity is also an option.

I like this but can only afford one or only have space for one, is there a solution for me?

Yes, there is a variant which accommodates  3 separate persons simultaneously.

How long do I have to wait after paying the deposits?

The machines will be delivered to your doorstep roughly 2 months after deposit payments are made.