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Top hotel tech provider in Europe & globally. It combines the

technical excellence of Availpro & the digital marketing expertise

of fastbooking, largest independent hotel marketing technology companies.


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What D-Edge Channel Manager Offers?

Comprehensive Solutions
Provide a suite of digital tools, including website design, booking engine, & all integrated into one platform.

Customization & Flexibility
Offer highly customizable solutions that can be tailored to meet specific needs and branding of each hotel.

Industry Expertise
Extensive experience in the hospitality industry, team of experts offer valuable insights & advice to improve a hotel's online performance.

Seamlessly Integrates with Softinn

Softinn offers two-way connectivity with the D-Edge Channel Manager. Hassle-free.

Landing page - Cloud-based system for Philippines Resort less than 30 rooms (2)

Softinn Booking Engine

Ways to reduce paid commission to OTAs and increase direct bookings, while ensuring control over your revenue stream.

How It Works

Generate more direct bookings without leaving your favourite Channel Manager - D-Edge.

Softinn Booking Engine X D-EDGE
Softinn Booking Engine x D-EDGE