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An Australian-based company that provides software for travel & hospitality.

With a focus on online distribution and direct booking technology,

it empowers businesses to streamline booking processes.


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What SiteMinder Channel Manager Offers?

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Maximize Room Revenue
Ensure every room is sold confidently. Quickly update rate plans across all channels and use real-time insights to boost direct bookings.

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Boost Guest Spend
Optimize guest spending with personalized promotions and upsell offers. Tailor your technology to fit your property's needs and scale as you grow.


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Reach The Right Guests
Connect to meta search, corporate travel networks, and various OTAs to reach a wider audience. Automate guest reviews for smoother management.


Seamlessly Integrates with Softinn PMS

Softinn offers two-way connectivity with the SiteMinder Channel Manager. Hassle-free.

Softinn PMS X SiteMinder

A perfect combination to streamline reservation management and distribution across multiple online channels.

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See How it Works

Easily sync inventory and pricing between Softinn PMS and SiteMinder Channel Manager for seamless hotel operations management.