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Malaysian payment platform for swift, efficient transactions,

optimizing financial management for organizations and

for the customers payment experiences.


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What Billplz Payment Gateway Offers?

Unlimited Revenue Stream
Consolidate payment collections from unlimited websites, apps and channels into bank account.

Real-Time Payout
Access real-time FPX online banking payout with our enterprise membership plan.

Various Payment Methods
Boost sales by offering a range of payment methods to your customers.

Seamlessly Integrates with Softinn

Softinn integrates with Billplz for seamless hotel payment processing, ensuring efficiency and ease for guests and management.

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Softinn Booking Engine

Integrate the Softinn Booking Engine onto your hotel website and social media channels to drive direct bookings. 

By leveraging the Billplz payment gateway, you can minimize transaction fees and accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, and e-wallets.
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Softinn PMS

Softinn PMS is a cloud-based solution tailored for small hotel chains, boutique hotels, and resorts. Its intuitive design seamlessly streamlines daily hotel operations, ensuring efficiency and ease of use.
Manage guests payment as simple as clicking a button. Easily collect and track payments, enhancing financial transparency and control for your property.
Integrated Payment Gateway Channels Offered by Billplz
Enhance your sales conversion rates by accepting transactions through various payment methods offered by Billplz

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How It Works

Experience secure online payments seamlessly integrated with your preferred Payment Gateway - Billplz

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