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eGHL provides secure online payment solutions in 

Malaysia, ensuring PCI compliance and prioritizing

UI-UX for better conversion rates.


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What eGHL Payment Gateway Offers?

Secure Payment Processing
Provides secure & PCI compliant payment processing, ensuring customer data is protected at all cost.

Seamless Integration
Easily integrated into business website, providing seamless payment experience for customer.

Real-time Reporting
Offers real time reporting and analytic tools, allowing businesses to track and analyze payment transactions easily.


Seamlessly Integrates with Softinn

Softinn partners with eGHL to streamline transactions, guaranteeing a smooth booking process.

Softinn PMS

A cloud-based hotel PMS system for small hotel chains, boutique hotels and resorts. It's intuitively designed to streamline your daily hotel operations effortlessly
Start collecting and tracking the guest payments from Softinn PMS as easily as a click of a button. 
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Softinn Booking Engine

Install the Softinn Booking Engine on your hotel website and
social platforms and start receiving direct bookings. 
Reduce the transaction fees by routing your guests to payment
gateway provider eGHL. Accepts payment through credit and 
debit cards, internet banking and e-wallets.
Integrated Payment Gateway Channels Offered by eGHL
Utilize various payment methods provided by eGHL to accept transactions and enhance your sales conversion rates.

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