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Philippines payment platform for swift, efficient transactions,

optimizing financial management for organizations and

for the customers payment experiences.


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What PesoPay Payment Gateway Offers?

Secure Transactions
Uses industry standard encryption and security protocols to ensure that transactions are secure.

Extensive Payment Services
Offers widest selection payment services in the country. Get more customers by providing more payment options.

Easy Integration
Offers easy integration with e-commerce platforms, make it simple for businesses accept online payments.

Seamlessly Integrates with Softinn

Softinn works best with PesoPay to accept online bookings and payments for Philippines Hotels

Landing page - Cloud-based system for Philippines Resort less than 30 rooms

Softinn Booking Engine

Best choice to win direct bookings for your hotels and to promote your hotel business with a user-friendly system. Offering PesoPay as a payment method allows your guests to book with confidence. 
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Softinn PMS

A cloud-based hotel PMS system for small hotel chains, boutique hotels and resorts. It's intuitively designed to streamline your daily hotel operations effortlessly.
Payment Options Offered by PesoPay
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How It Works

Secure online payments without leaving your favourite Payment Gateway - PesoPay

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