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Dear Prospective Reseller / Partners,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Softinn Reseller Program.

As a Softinn reseller, we hold you in high regard and try our best to ensure that you have unlimited access to product information and continued product support. Below is a list of benefits to consider:
1. Dedicated live and online technical support for Resellers
2. Access to pre-qualified sales leads
3. Deal registration for pre-sale discounts and protected accounts
4. Free product and market training. Plus competitive analysis & Q&A’s.
5. Ability to obtain early release copies for testing and integration
6. Not For Resale copies for internal and employee use
7. Invitation to annual reseller conference
8. Opportunities to attend and utilize our free online web seminars (webinars)
9. Access to top sales tools, success stories, and reviews from top-rated publications


JeeShen Lee

Who is Eligible?

This program is exclusive and is available only to organizations or individuals who meet our qualification criteria.

We welcome all the organizations and individuals involved in, but not limited to, one of the following fields or businesses:
- IT Solution
- Web Development
- Web Design
- Hotel Management / Consultant
- Internet Marketing
- Online Directory
- Web Consultation
- Online Advertisement
- Credit Card Terminal Acquiring
- Hotel Supplier (e.g. amenities, hotel door lock, networking system)

Become an Authorized Reseller or Affiliate

Softinn's authorized reseller program is ideal for individuals or businesses that want to get started into the Softinn community and earn commissions for referring new clients.

There's no sales quota. Softinn sales team will do the pitching and client onboarding.

Become a Gold or Platinum Partner

Softinn's gold and platinum reseller program is ideal for businesses that wanted to grow their business with us. 

Gold and platinum resellers will enjoy higher commission plus renewal commission in the subsequent years.


Become a Technology or API Partner

Softinn's App Partner Program is for developers or companies that wanted to grow their business by building apps on Softinn's open platform or building system integration.

We enjoy working with partners to build a product ecosystem that delivers values to our common users.





Dear Prospective Reseller / Partners

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