Checklist for hotel Check-in and Check-out

A Hotel checklist shows the required items, things to be done, points to be considered, and also can be used as a reminder for different hotel management departments.

Good use of Checklist can help hotels in standardization workflow and help hotel worker use their time more efficiently. In most hotels, the use of checklists in hotels not limited to only housekeeping but also use in the cafeteria, front desk, guest management, and marketing.

How Checklist can help with hotel management?

A checklist can help Hotel management ensure each department consistently achieves the expected results of the established cleaning, neat, availability, and also to capture any problems that may have been overlooked to prevent potential causes that may lead to dissatisfied and negative reviews.

In addition, there are several checklists for the different department :

Front Desk Service Department


The staff is neatly dressed, uninformed and a name tag is present. Staff spoke first and greeted the guests with a simile when the guests first coming in. The staff did not distract and always stay focus when serving guests. Staff did not congregate or engage in a personal conversation with other staff, no horseplay. Offer/explain luggage delivery service. All Guests are acknowledged with a greeting smile even if the guest waiting in line. The staff explained the Wi-Fi connectivity.


Billing was pre-prepared as per the billing instructions on the reservation. Appropriate charges were added, and a copy of the Info-Invoice was provided for verification. Two Copies of the Invoice with the guest's signature were taken on both copies.
Staff offered further assistance with luggage, directions, or transportation services/suggestion. The Hotel Feedback form was presented to the guest to fill up during the check-out process. Staff spoke last, offered thanks, and an invitation to return after guests checked out.

Housekeeping Department

A safe, clean and comfortable room is the most major part to attain high guest satisfaction and reputation. A printed or E-Checklist can be used by the Housekeeping supervisor/staff to perform room inspection. Apart from maintaining a clean and comfortable room for guests, a checklist also helps to remind both the Housekeeping Supervisor / Executive and the cleaner of any defects and missing amenities for the guest. Thus, room inspection of every room must be done on a daily basis by the housekeeping supervisor.

Click the file below to download the sample of the Housekeeping Checklist. (Excel format)

Checklist Example: Download File

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