Ideas to Generate Hotel Bookings during Ramadhan

Bookings and reservations, particularly for hotels and restaurants, are sure to be impacted now that Ramadan is here. Ramadan a significantly special time for Muslims and indirectly it will take a toll on the hotel industry.

Some lucky hotels and their cafe can see an increase in bookings because of the Iftar buffet. However, according to past experience, there are still hotels that will have trouble getting reservations during Ramadhan. This is due to the majority of Muslims not taking vacations during the month of Ramadhan. They are more focused on spending family time and practising religious activities. Thus, this blog will be useful to hotels looking for ideas on how to generate hotel bookings during Ramadan and attract guests amidst the hectic month. 

Let us give you a helping hand and help list out a few ideas to generate your hotel bookings for this special month.


1) Promote and Engage with Guest

Promotions can benefit your company by bringing in new clients, boosting immediate revenue, and promoting customer loyalty. One of the key elements of a successful business is customer engagement. Studies show that customers who are completely committed to a business are more likely to generate more revenue than those who are less invested.

Here are ways you can promote and engage with your customers:

a) Social media post

The strength of social media is remarkable since it allows you to reach a huge audience quickly after placing an advertisement, which lowers your costs and helps your adverts reach your target audience. 

Create unique and engaging designs for your social media post that highlights the special offers and discount you are offering during Ramadhan. Visual aid is essential as it helps attract more customers, which is why most marketers prefer to use visual content. Spread your message through social media to increase your customer reach. They are essential to the hospitality business as they play a significant role in the selection process and generate more hotel bookings. 


Source: SocialMediaExaminer

b) Personalised emails 

Send emails to your guest, informing them of special offers and campaigns that you are holding for Ramadhan. Making consumers and subscribers feel valued is the main goal of delivering personalised emails. When used effectively, personalised emails should persuade your subscribers to be more loyal to your business and to think more favourably of your business. 

By giving your consumers exactly the information they require at the right time, personalised emails provide you with the chance to forge a closer bond with them. Also, it will enhance their likelihood of making a reservation or booking.


c) Update your website

Your website must be updated regularly when there are new changes like offers and campaigns. Guests will refer to your website for further information and are likely to see any offers, discounts, and events. Make use of your official website and do not let it collect dust. An outdated website will scare off potential guests and will not have any wow factors that attract guests. 

Updating the material on your website contributes to the development of client trust. Also, it might offer returning guests something new and improve your SEO


Benefits of Search Engine Optimization SEO

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2) Price Campaign and Discount

A month like this is when people hunt for offers and great discounts. It is important for you to present offers that are beneficial for both guests and the hotel.

a) Special campaigns and offers for hotel booking 

As other hotels will also be presenting their own set of discounts and campaigns, you must ensure your hotel is not offering something that will turn customers away. Offers add value for your guests, whether they are discounts, bounce-back offers, or marketing messages. Because they already trust your brand, loyal guests are more willing to try new goods and services and spend more money. 

Give them special promo codes and be sure to spread the offers to your guests on social media, emails, or websites. 

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Promo codes for hotel booking

b) Discount for Ramadhan buffet

What brings guests more during this month to hotels? The answer would be buffets of course. Families spend time together to break their fast. Usually, they will search for places that offer buffets as their target destination. Hotels happen to be the main target for them. During Ramadhan, many hotels offer a buffet for iftar and they usually come with an offer or discount. 

If you are hosting a buffet for iftar, don’t waste the chance to put up special offers and promotions for your guest. This can indirectly attract them to book your hotel in the future.

3) Great Buffet Variety and Service

In the event that guests book a hotel for the Ramadhan buffet, the menu must be of high quality to satisfy their standards. These guests are paying for an experience that is worth their money. Hence, the hotel must make it their priority to satisfy their needs and wants. During Ramadhan, the buffets are certainly the main attraction. 

There should be a variety of food made available to the guest. Hotels must take into consideration that guests will have different diets and possible allergies. Label the foods served and make sure to have staff attending to tables, close to any guests in need of help. 

This can help guarantee guests leave the hotel with great satisfaction and experience. Giving them a favourable experience will increase the chance of others finding out about your business whether through word of mouth or reviews and feedback

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Ideas to Generate Hotel Bookings during Ramadhan


As a hotelier, it is vital to give guests an unforgettable experience which will help boost the business. You can make use of special events and celebrations to attract more customers and increase your booking sales, website traffic, and even boost SEO. Hence, it is significant for you as hoteliers to make research and build strategies that accommodate your business needs. 

If you are looking for some tips and ideas on how to increase hotel direct bookings, the Guide to 10x Hotel Direct Booking might be useful for you! 

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