Generating Revenues for Hotels Through Events & Entertainment

In 2018, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) claimed that international arrivals are increasing to 1.4 billion. What an enormous number, right? But how many hotels managed to transform this into higher revenue?


Offer More Value for Money


Your hotel should be more than just rooms. Travelers are now more attracted to improve hotel’s services and amenities are not simply motivated by pricing. You could read on other hotel revenue generating ideas here.


Events & Entertainment


Events and entertainment are the main drivers for hotel industry with a huge number of opportunities to explore. Doesn’t matter where your hotel is located, there are many ideas to generate additional revenue through events and entertainment.


Partnering up with event organizers


Boost potential for point-of-sale revenue by taking chances of any event worth visiting near your hotel. You could increase bookings through:


  • dual offer advertising (sell your rooms and tickets for events) via your social media platforms:
  • collaboration with event organizers to include your hotel on the list of hotels for event-goers; or
  • offering guests an additional taxi to go to that event.


By doing so, your hotel will gain a large number of new clientele and surely, with full occupancy during the event. Partnering with event organizers makes your hotel a guest’s attractions and offer a win-win valuable opportunity for your hotel and the other businesses.


Host Event


It’s better to host the event itself, of course. You can increase group hotel bookings by hosting reunions, family gatherings, weddings, business conferences, and special events. Special events such as food fairs, art workshops, and music events will occupy rooms during slow seasons and add a new attraction to draw your guests. Offer a package deal on these events to encourage your guests to stay throughout the event, so you get revenue for reservation and the event rather than just through one revenue stream.


Group Invitations


Invite groups like wedding planners to visit and organize a luncheon or cocktail hour for them. They could help you gain much exposure through publicity and promote you to new clientele. Word-of-mouth marketing makes a greater influence on attracting customers. Get also locals to your hotel by hosting special events for them. Advertise it online and through social media. By becoming a local getaway, you’ll be generating revenue for your hotel and attracting guests looking for an appealing hotel experience.


Business Events


Nowadays, business travelers are looking for noteworthy local experiences throughout their business trip — that is, “bleisure,” the combination of business and leisure travel. Business travelers search for hotels that can host their business events and offer special amenities like sports activities, social happy hours, spa services, others.


What Should Hoteliers Do?


Lastly, hoteliers need to:


  1. always keep up to date on local events and market trends;
  2. get to know your local tourism board;
  3. make a highlight reel for every event that takes place at your hotel; and
  4. send out press releases about events and updates of your hotel.



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