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A property management system or in short term, PMS, is a system used by hoteliers to manage day-to-day operations like check-in and check-out the guests, manage all the bookings list coming from several channels in one dashboard, save customer data, track room status, manage availability, reporting and many more. 

Imagine a hotel without PMS, all the day-to-day tasks are being done manually. This will cause overbookings, time wasted, unpleasant customers experience, inefficient front desk staff, and many more. If you are now without a Hotel PMS and thinking to get one, you are on the right page cause I will introduce you to the 4 Hotel PMS Indonesia that you may consider for your hotel business. 

Before that, do check on the 9 tips for you to choose a PMS that fits your hotel. This will be helpful for you before you decide on which PMS do you want to go for. It is important to note that, different Hotel PMS will give you different user-experience, different uniqueness as well as different values. 


Softinn is a hotel technology company with the mission to make hotelier work easier. Softinn builds Cloud-based Hotel PMS to streamline the hotel business operations through digitization. Softinn does have all the important features that every PMS has includes an intuitive dashboard, housekeeping module, activity log report, more than a reporting, and many more. What does make Softinn different from other PMS are:

  • The PMS dashboard displays total cash on hand, easy for you to track the cash amount and tally back with the cash on the front desk drawer without clicking further on the PMS 
  • The friendliness of the guest folio allows you to easily send the folio in PDF to the guest's email with just one click
  • Mobile-friendly housekeeping system that allows housekeepers to access it via mobile. The notification will be sent to them if there is any cleaning task assign
  • A shift function that allows you to set up the shifts, manage staff that's on duty, on leave, and add OT staff

and many more! Get a free trial account here and experience the friendliness yourself.

Softinn PMS Features



Based in India, Hotelogix begins it's business 10 years ago and until now, they served hoteliers in more than 100 countries all around the world. Hotelogix provides front desk management software that works on a desktop application where the users can manage a lot of front desk operations easily with the below functions and features:

  • A front desk reservation chart always display a real-time update room availability
  • A rate management features that allow you to manage room changes, room upgrade, and  add-on services easily 
  • Allows you to multitask regular activities such as check-ins and check-outs of individuals, corporates, and other group bookings
  • Make announcements, assign tasks to team members, and set reminders

and many more. Hotelogix does offer 15 days free trial account. You may get it from here. 


VHP or known as Virtual Hotel Program, the company is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The started 29 years ago and has served more than 1000 customers. What do the PMS functions that VHP offers?

  • User-friendly GUI to add and update bookings and manage reservations easily
  • Real-time room availability can be seen easily 
  • Complete guest history and statistics are also available to view 
  • The guest folio linked to point of the sales department and direct debts transfer to accounts receivable
  • Wide variety of statistical reports for analytics

and many more! Feel free to contact their customer support and request a demo account so that you can explore it on your own. 


Cloudbeds is an independent hospitality software developer that provides Hotel PMS that's easy to learn and easy to use by the managers and staff.  With the user-friendly interface that they provide along with the automation, Cloudbeds aims the users to fully utilize the functions of PMS so the users will be able to focus on retaining customers and provide the best services to the guests. 

Some of the key features that Cloudbeds PMS have are:

  • Drag & drop calendar
  • Housekeeping module
  • Customized user role
  • Detailed reports and analytics

Interested to get more details on it? Quickly get yourself a trial account from here.


Above are 4 Hotel PMS that is ready to serve hotels in Indonesia. However, there are still many Hotel PMS that available in the market. What you need to do is to explore their trial account, check whether the PMS features that they offer could cater to your business need. 

Here, I have also compiled the function of Hotel PMS for you to refer to if you are still not sure about it. Lastly, good luck in hunting for the best PMS for your hotel. 

PMS property management system

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