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This article shows you some of the affordable hotel management systems to run your hotel effectively in the Philippines. A property management system refers to software that helps hoteliers to manage their business operations such as administrative tasks, reservations, billing and invoicing, analytics reporting, and so on. 

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Servo IT Solutions

As of the end of 2020, Servo IT Solutions has served over 500 hotel clients in the Philippines. The company is based in Angeles, Central Luzon, Philippines. They have catered to hotels, resorts, inns, and other types of property with as few as 8 to as many as 200 rooms. They are delivering software products such as the Xenia Hotel Management System to help hoteliers manage their front-desk operations efficiently with the following features:

You can contact Servo IT Solutions for a demo account of their system by clicking here.


Cloudbeds' property management system (PMS) is a cloud-based system that is suitable for all sizes of independent properties, including hotels, vacation rentals, and hostels. It allows you to check-in and out guests using an appealing drag-and-drop interface. Besides, it can be integrated with an online booking engine and channel manager to update room availability. This ensures that your rates and inventory are consistent across your hotel, website, and OTAs.

Key Features:

  • Property management system 

    • You can use a single login to manage your reservations and update your room inventory across all OTA channels. 
    • You can also connect to your preferred Point of Sale (POS) system to charge Cloudbeds guest folios or home accounts.
  • Users management

    • Cloudbeds PMS not only allows you to manage reservations but also your employees. This feature includes assigning and controlling user roles access to the PMS such as access to cash drawer for managing money and a housekeeping module.
  • Multi-currency support

    • They also provide an add-on feature to help you calculate and update the exchange rate. 
    • In fact, you just need to choose from a list of accepted currencies, and their system will calculate the amount in your selected currencies for you instantly.
  • Marketing automation 

    • With the email automation system, you can customize pre and post-email templates that match your brand’s look and feel.

They offer a Free Trial or demo upon request.

eZee Absolute

eZee Absolute is a hotel management system that supports any size of hotel, resort, B&B, hostel, or condo by helping to automate the hotel operation. They also provide a mobile app for monitoring reports from anywhere on the property. They have served over 500 hotels across the Philippines. 

Key Features: 

  • Flexible integration with Leading Channel Manager and Point of sales system 

    • Their PMS allows you to integrate with third-party systems such as Channel Manager (eZee Centrix) to manage your inventory distribution processes. This will return in reducing overbookings, manual error, and rate disparity issues.
    • Besides, this feature is also best suited for hotels having a variety of food and beverage outlets, such as cafes, bars, bistros, and restaurants. 
    • This can be accessed from any device and anywhere at any time, and it will take your business to the next level with features like Menu Management, Table Management, Order Management, Billing Operations, and Regular Reporting.
  • Rate management 

    • Able to set up multiple pricing for different guests and events on your connected platforms, right from the PMS, to maximize your revenue.
    • You can also set up meal plans and packages to get extra revenue.
  • Local Language support

    • This feature allows your guests and workers to conduct business in their preferred language that is supported by windows.
  • User Management and security control

    • This feature allows you to create many user accounts that can access the system at the same time as well as add an extra layer of security by granting user-level access privileges that limit access to critical data to your employees.

Click to learn more and start the 14 days free trial now.

Hotelogix Cloud PMS

Hotelogix is a cloud-based property management system provider that is used in over 100 countries around the world, including the Philippines. This hospitality technology solution is designed to manage hotels, resorts, apartments, and multi-location hotel chains by offering a single point of control for all hotel operations and bookings both online and offline.

Key Features: 

  • Centralization

    • You can make announcements, give tasks to team members, and even set reminders by a centralized approach.
  • Speedy front desk management with a right-click 

    • You can simply manage complicated tasks such as room modifications, room upgrades, and payment using right-click. 
    • Simply right-click on the reservation chart and drag and drop to change bookings.
  • Rate management 

    • Hotelogix PMS could help you to manage and upgrade room rates based on the season or package offerings. 
    • You can edit to select valid rates and calculate taxes automatically. 
    • Therefore, rates for last-minute room upgrades, meal additions, airport transfers, etc. may be easily managed.
  • Guest Management

    • This feature helps to manage your guest database by verifying your guests' email addresses and phone numbers to eliminate invalid email addresses and phone numbers from your guest database, in return, ensuring that your guest database is kept up to date with accurate information.
    • This feature also allows you to send SMS alerts to your guests for reservation creation, alteration, cancellation, check-in, check-out, as well as special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

If you want to give this a try, you can get a free trial account for 15 days.

Softinn PMS

Softinn PMS is an all-in-one hotel management system designed for boutique hotels, small hotel chains, Airbnb, villas, and resorts. It includes features such as a guest folio, housekeeping, maintenance, shifts, group reservations, and channel manager integration. They offer a comprehensive set of reports that could assist you in improving your business, including audit summary, collection summary, shift summary, revenue and sales, hotel occupancy, and so on. Their pre-arrival web check-in system, self-check-in kiosk integration, and API readiness distinguish them from other PMS providers.

Key features:

  • User-friendly Dashboard

    • Their dashboard gives you a bird's-eye view of your property with the total cash on hand, so you can easily track the cash amount and tally it with the cash in the front desk drawer without having to click any further on the PMS.
    • You can also log in to the PMS from anywhere to see exactly what is going on today and what needs to be done tomorrow. 
  • Housekeeping management

    •  You can get a better overview and manage your housekeeping by tracking room cleaning status by room or housekeeper, creating a to-do list, setting a priority flag, reporting lost and found items, and so on.
  • Maintenance management 

    • With this feature, you can maintain your physical hotel facilities in good condition and extend the lifespan of assets. 
    • In fact, users can request room maintenance and track the status of maintenance work. You can also close the room for maintenance. Set up common area tagging, attach a photograph, and leave a remark.
  • Group reservation 

    • Users can perform group check-in and check-out, keep track of advance payments, transfer folio charges and create a group invoice.

Click to learn more and start a free trial for 14 days now.



I hope that this information could help you to select the ideal PMS for your hotel operations that meet your needs and could assist you in increasing productivity and revenue, reducing front-desk hassles, and bringing your hotel to the next level of automation.

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