How Important is Facebook to Hotel and Homestay

The importance of Facebook to hotels and homestay can’t be over-emphasized especially in this digital age. The number of daily users is too large for hotels and homestays to just ignore. Millions of people log into Facebook as soon as they wake up, we can easily assume that people of all ages are using Facebook. As a hotel or homestay owner, no matter who your target audience is, you should rest assured that you will find them on Facebook.

Reach New Customers

With millions of users logging on to Facebook every minute, you can always reach new customers if you take some time to plan your Facebook marketing properly. Facebook has made it possible for you to target a specific group of people for your Facebook marketing. On Facebook, you can target specific geographical locations, ages, or gender depending on your goal. Facebook gives you the opportunity to showcase your hotel and homestay to new customers on a daily basis, you can’t simply ignore such an opportunity.

It's Versatile

Some social media are favorable to a particular niche of business. This has made some businesses prefer one social media to another. When it comes to Facebook, this is not the case. Facebook is a very versatile social network that is favorable to any entrepreneurs or businesses, hotels and homestays included. As a versatile social media, there are many ways hoteliers and homestay owners can benefit from using Facebook. They can easily set up a store, share their promotions or news updates on their page, etc.

Your Competition is There

Although Facebook marketing is becoming crowded with businesses and entrepreneurs, that doesn’t mean you as a hotelier or homestay owner should not take your business to Facebook. The fact that all your competitors are already using Facebook to promote their property and fill their rooms, should motivate you to leverage all the opportunities that Facebook has to offer.

A lot of Ad Options

Most businesses and entrepreneurs on Facebook utilize Facebook ads as one of their marketing strategies. This is because Facebook has the ability to target specific groups of people with their ads. Not only can you target customers based on their geographic location, but also you can target them based on their gender, interests, language, etc. You can also choose from the ad formats and ad objectives in order to reach the relevant people on Facebook. When creating a Facebook campaign, you can select your objective; whether you are running it for brand awareness or to retarget your existing customers. 

Powerful Analytics

When it comes to analytics and the opportunity to understand your audience, Facebook is an effective tool. Making use of Facebook analytical tools you can gain insight from your Ads performance, page likes, post reach as well as engagement. With Facebook Analytics, your data will be broken down into simple and understandable numbers.

Over the years, Facebook has seen immense growth with new user sign-ups and no signs of slowing down. This has made Facebook constantly update and improve its algorithms and analytical tools to better serve its business community. Therefore, any hotelier or homestay owner who is not leveraging the opportunity that is being offered by Facebook is missing out. The marketing opportunities that Facebook presents can’t just be ignored, but rather embraced by hoteliers and homestay owners.

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