Maximizing Guest Satisfaction with Hotel Self Check-In Kiosks: Tips and Best Practices

Keeping your guest satisfaction level at the max is the key to having a successful long-term business. Especially with the hotel self check-in kiosks, you can continue to improve their satisfaction. That’s why you need to follow our tips and best practices for hotel kiosks.

Guest satisfaction is crucial because it shows whether your target audience approves of what you're doing. According to research, excellent customer satisfaction increases guest retention, increases guest lifetime value, and boosts business reputation. Keeping your present guest and attracting new ones depends on maintaining high guest satisfaction levels.

Let's dive deeper into the best practices and tips for hotel kiosks to maximize guest satisfaction


What is a Hotel Kiosk System?

Before that, do you know what is hotel kiosk? A kiosk is an independent, touchscreen-equipped electronic device that enables users to finish tasks independently. The primary purpose of a hotel kiosk system is to enable guests to check into their rooms by connecting directly to the property management system (PMS) of the establishment and issuing them a room key. To remove the burden often associated with hotel check-in and shorten lines at the front desk, hoteliers could use hotel kiosks.


Best Tips and Practices for Hotel Kiosks:

A hotel kiosk system can do so much to elevate the satisfaction levels of guests. So, how do we do that?  Here are all the best tips and practices for hotel kiosks to maximize guest satisfaction:


1) Know Your Guest

It is crucial for you to know in depth your guest demographic. Their age, gender, education, nationality, ethnicity, or religion are some examples of demographics. Hoteliers might need to focus more on their guest's age, education, and language. This is to ensure that the target audience of the hotel kiosk is correct. We want to ensure that the guest will be using the hotel kiosk before we go ahead and buy one. 

Imagine this, your main guest group is from the age range of 55 to 60 years old. They do not have a high understanding of technical devices. They probably will not prefer to use the hotel kiosk. Directly talking to the front desk officer would be more comfortable for them. Now, if your main guest group range from 15 to 45 years old, they are more likely to prefer the hotel kiosk. They usually are accustomed to technical devices and prefer to do tasks independently if possible. 

Consumers who experience individualised experiences with brands are more likely to purchase from them, according to 80% of customers. It is important to understand your guest first before getting a hotel kiosk, we don't want to ruin your guest experience and give them stress. We also don’t want your money to be spent on something that your guest won’t even spare a second glance on. Figure out if the hotel kiosk would elevate or demote guest satisfaction and experience. 


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2) Fit Your Business Image 

Every business has its image and hoteliers often have them too. The impression that people get of your company when they hear its name is known as the "business image." A company's image is made up of an unlimited number of facts, occasions, individual tales, marketing initiatives, and objectives that all work together to leave an impression on the public. How your hotel looks can also be an image. Some hotels have their aesthetic and it becomes their image that leaves a strong impression on guests.

If your hotel aesthetic is integral to the guest's full experience but it clashes with the look of hotel kiosks, then the best choice would be to opt to not have one. For example, a traditional hotel with a traditional aesthetic that wants to give guests a complete break from the modern life experience may be more suitable for making bookings at the front desk. Having a technological device like hotel kiosks may make guests feel like it doesn't fit with the hotel’s image they set in their minds.

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3) Regular Functionality Checkups 

Hotel kiosks are certainly the solution to run away from human error that can happen at the front desk. However, that doesn’t mean they are 100% free from any mistakes. Just like other technological devices, they need regular care to function properly. Guests must be offered an experience that runs smoothly, that includes check-in process using a hotel kiosk.

Checkups must be done regularly to ensure the product is working properly. Even if the product doesn’t receive any complaints, checkups must be done. It is better to counter the issue before it happens. Regular checkups can also avoid a big issue like the product breaking down due to not being serviced. It is crucial that when you purchase a hotel kiosk, make sure that the kiosk supplier is providing you with technical support.


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4) Inclusivity in Features

Being inclusive in your business matters most as we want to give every customer the best service possible. According to, 56% of customers believe the business they work with must be committed to diversity and inclusivity. 50% of customers are also willing to pay 5% to 20% more to make reservations with businesses that encourage diversity and inclusivity.

Being inclusive with your hotel kiosk means having features that cater to minority groups too. For example, make sure you put multiple language options for it. Not everyone has strong English skills. Survey the language used in your area or country and insert them as an option for your hotel kiosk. Also, take note of people with disabilities. Adding a sound system or braille on your kiosk will guide guests with their decision.


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Softinn Hotel Kiosk

Here at Softinn, we also provide a hotel kiosk. Your hotel guests can use our kiosk for self-service for check-in, check-out, walk-in reservations, payment, room key encoding, and vending machines. 

With full integration into the hotel PMS, Softinn provides both a standing and a table-top hotel kiosk. The Softinn hotel kiosk offers integrations with numerous room key systems, a Mykad reader, and a passport scanner. 


Check out Softinn Hotel Kiosk:

Wondering how easy and convenient hotel kiosks for self check-in and check-out are? Let's take a few seconds to watch Softinn's video guide on this matter.



What's Next?

Self-service hotel kiosks can do wonders for your guest's satisfaction. Follow these tips and practices so you can ensure your guest are having a great time. A happy guest equals a happier business. 

Want to have your hotel kiosk and increase your guest satisfaction? Don't worry, Softinn has got you covered! Download the Ultimate Buying Guide to Sel-Service Hotel Kiosk and learn all you need to know about them.

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