The ROI of Hotel Self Check-In Kiosks: How Much Can You Save with Automated Check-In

Self-service kiosks for hotels are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for guests and hoteliers. One of the key drivers of demand for self-service devices is the need for convenience. But, are you aware of the return on investment it can give you?

We know the many features of the hotel kiosk system to understand the benefits it will bring. It’s essential also to understand how much you can save with automated check-in kiosks. Knowing their return on investment is important to know how beneficial they are to hoteliers in the long run.


What is Return On Investment (ROI)?

The term "return on investment" describes the amount of profit that can be directly attributed to a cost or set of costs. Businesses typically use ROI to gauge the success of a certain operation or investment. If a business owner were to spend money on a clothing advertising campaign, they would examine the sales it led to and utilise that data to calculate the ROI. The ROI of the advertising campaign is the profit made if the revenue generated exceeds the revenue spent.


ROI Hotel self check-in kiosk

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How much do you save with Hotel Self Check-In Kiosk:

The self-service kiosks for hotels give users access to additional amenities. This is a desirable choice because users can immediately add these services to their accounts. The hotel benefits from it because it increases return on investment (ROI). 

So, how much can you save with Hotel Self Check-In Kiosks?


1) Labor Cost Saving

The hotel sector has been significantly impacted over the past few years by the rising cost of labour. An increased staff number equals increased labour costs and wages number. 


Hotel employment index

Source: PerfectLabour

Determine how much time and labor are now invested in the tasks that the kiosks will take care of. This may involve activities including taking orders, processing payments, and looking up information. Kiosks uses less time than people with their task. According to the 2022 Hotel Effectiveness Labour Cost Index, wages across hotel roles increased 7.6% year over year. The cost of labor per room also increased by 26.6%. 

Savings are also observed in turnover, employee benefits, training, and recruitment. A business must pay for worker turnover and training. Advances in operational efficiencies result from cutting those costs. As a result, your revenue has increased without your operational expenditures also rising at the same rate. Kiosks don't need to be trained, they don't take vacations or take an MC leave because they're sick. Thus, businesses do save on these labor expenditures.

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2) Revenue From Up-selling & Room Upgrades

A smart hotel reception staff should be able to sell room upgrades and extras as much as possible because upselling is a wonderful strategy to boost income. Yet not everyone has the charisma to upsell a visitor on more things. So, this is yet another excellent feature of our hotel check-in kiosks.

The kiosk makes it simple to sell upgrades and extras, and it ensures that upsells like breakfast, parking, rooms, early check-in, and late check-out will rise. Customers can choose their desired upgrade pack fast thanks to the useful characteristics of the self-service kiosk and its access to every discount and upgrade they could otherwise experience.

This effectiveness is made possible by the kiosks' user-friendly design, which shows appealing images and descriptions and delivers the extras at the appropriate point in the check-in procedure.

For example, take a look at Softinn’s client, Mangga Boutique Hotel, where they use a hybrid kiosk. The hybrid kiosk allows them to raise revenue by doing two things at once - being a hotel kiosk and a vending machine.


hotel self check-in kiosk ROI


From the review, we can see guests appreciate the availability of a hotel kiosk and its upgrades. Adding one might allow you to heighten guests' experience and maximise their satisfaction.  Make sure you survey what kind of kiosk is suitable for your hotel and your guest. 


3) Increased Efficiencies & More Guest

Think about how kiosks can speed things up and cut down on wait times. On the assumption that customers who may have left owing to lengthy wait times will now remain and make a purchase, estimate the potential increase in sales or processing activity. This might also entail improved order accuracy and fewer mistakes. According to studies, kiosks can change customer behaviour in ways that increase the value of orders. This means that in addition to serving more clients, you are also raising the average order price.

Serving more customers enhances top-line revenue, but using kiosks also makes it possible to do so without adding more staff members who interact directly with clients. After making the initial purchase of a kiosk or kiosks, relatively little maintenance is needed. You will be able to serve more customers with fewer staff needed. 

According to a recent study, 61% of respondents listed improved service, 59% shorter lines, 58% privacy, 50% more control, and 38% no interaction with staff when evaluating the potential benefits. 


Hotel Queueing Front Desk


Softinn Hotel Kiosk

Here at Softinn, we also provide a hotel kiosk. Your hotel guests can use our kiosk for self-service for check-in, check-out, walk-in reservations, payment, room key encoding, and vending machines. 

With full integration into the hotel PMS, Softinn provides both a standing and a table-top hotel kiosk. The Softinn hotel kiosk offers integrations with numerous room key systems, a Mykad reader, and a passport scanner. 


Check out Softinn Hotel Kiosk:

If you are a hotel owner or a manager, looking for a hotel kiosk, let's take a few seconds to watch Malaysia Hotel Kiosk System - Softinn Kiosk. 



ROI acts as a standard for developing future marketing plans. This enables you to establish which marketing strategies are effective and which ones could use some improvement. Increasing your ROI will always be beneficial for your business.

Interested in increasing your ROI and saving money with automated check-in? Don't worry, Softinn has your back! Download the Ultimate Buying Guide to Self-Service Hotel Kiosk and learn all you need to know about hotel kiosks and see for yourself the ROI it brings. 

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