This Month's Top Stories About Hotel News

As new hotels keep springing up and chain hotels keep establishing new hotels, there are going to be top stories news daily. Hotels news come from different fields. Some journalists and bloggers always lookout for the latest hotel news and trends. The hotel industry is always pushing to break their previous records. Many are implementing the latest technology available to make their guests' stay more memorable. Herein we listed this month's top 3 stories about hotel news.


Preparing for the Outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus

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Ever since the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus in Wuhan, China, many countries are on high alert and prepare for the worst to come. Chinese tourists' travel bans grow in which most countries stop receiving Chinese tourists. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, there are now at least 881 confirmed cases with an official death count of 26 due to the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus spread. China is now restricting travel for its 35 million people and shutting down many major tourist attractions, including Shanghai Disneyland.


Another World's Tallest Hotel to Open in Dubai

Two years ago, Gevora Hotel in Dubai became the tallest hotel in the world. On January 10, 2020, CNN Travel revealed shocking news on another hotel development in Dubai that is expected to be the new world's tallest hotel. The glass skyscraper known as The Ciel Tower will reach 360.4 meters upon completion in either late 2022 or early 2023. Construction work has started in 2016 in Dubai's Marina district. 

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Panic Button Technology

The American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) in 2018 had announced a new employee initiative in the hospitality industry related to workplace safety. Several of the major hotels like Marriott International, Hilton, and Hyatt have committed to providing hospitality staff across the United States with panic buttons. However, due to some limitations of 4G LTS signals, dead zones are created.

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According to CEO / Founder of myDevices, Kevin Bromber, the panic button was designed to assist hospitality workers whenever they did not feel safe and just by pushing a so-called emergency button. Once the button is initiated, the worker's exact location is transmitted to security or administration for help. For the panic button to function effectively, it needs to work in elevators, stairwells, basements, parking garages, and other dead zones. myDevices’ No Dead Zone™ panic button technology eliminates the dead zone problem by combining cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LoRaWAN® protocols to provide comprehensive coverage.

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Final Words

Those are our 3 top stories related to hotel news for January 2020. We would love to hear your thoughts. Do you have any interesting news to share with us? Do drop us your comments.

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