5 Hotel Booking Add-Ons For Event Hotels

Event hotels focus on generating revenues through events such as weddings, business meetings, celebrations, dinners, and fundraisers. Such big events could definitely bring in more profits to your hotel. Here's where you need some booking add-ons to enhance your hotel website. It helps to give your guests or any event planner an amazing experience when they visit your website. Each add-on you add to your website will bring new functionality to your hotel booking website. Some hoteliers are not aware of the usefulness of hotel booking add-ons that they can invest in. Herein we listed 5 hotel booking add-ons for event hotels. 

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Room Type 360 Degree View 

These days images help guests to make a decision when they are on your website. When a guest is about to book a room, he or she will like to see an image of what the rooms look like. These room type 360-degree view add-on at your website will enable your guests to view your hotel rooms in 360 degrees. It will also help them to make a decision faster regarding their booking with your hotel. This room type 360-degree view add-on will surely give you an edge over your competitors. So, it is a good add-on to invest in as hotel marketing works best guests can feel the experience of being a presence at the hotel.



Geo-Targeting is a very useful add-on for your website. This hotel booking add-on will detect the location of the guests and set their location on the website accordingly. The hotel has an option to provide a further discount to their potential guests based on the location. The probability of booking increases if the potential guest is nearby your hotel. Geo-Targeting add-on on your hotel website allows you to segment and deliver offers to your website visitors.


SMS Notification 

SMS notification allows you to create better guest engagement with timely, personalized information in the form of automated SMS alerts, reminders, notifications, and invites. For event hotels, this add-on is very useful as event planners are constantly looking up to the best deal to organize events. You can share messages regarding your event space, nearest events, and entertainment around your hotel, or price knockdown for organizing events. Customers' changing behaviors expect them to receive every information they need immediately at their fingertips through SMS notification.


WhatsApp Support and Share

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Similar to SMS notifications, WhatsApp Support, and Share add-on should also be installed on your website. SMS and WhatsApp weren’t that much different but users quickly realized how seamless and attractive WhatsApp is. It is considered the most popular chat service currently. You can create a group of event planners or simply a group of guests that ever stayed at your hotel. Then, share useful information regarding events held at your hotel or nearby your hotel. By doing so, you could attract more visitors to your hotel.


Room Type Videos Add-On

The room type videos add-on will help you to upload videos of your hotel rooms. Videos convey a better message than texts and images. With the help of videos, you can give a complete tour of your room types. Room type videos also are effective in retaining a visitor on your hotel booking website for a longer time. 


Final Words

What makes event hotels to be successful in the hotel industry? The answer lies in how satisfied your guests are after organizing events at your hotel. Their perceived value of getting more value than what they paid for depends largely on how you make their events and perhaps their stay at your hotel, more memorable.

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