7 Reasons Why Hotels Should Invest in a Channel Manager

You can’t deny that filling up the rooms is the hardest battle for hoteliers. In the hunt for more guests, hotels have varying channels to bring in more bookings. However, managing them manually is time-consuming and less effective.

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One hotel system that could help and benefit hoteliers is the Channel Manager. Well, there’s no doubt that some hoteliers still not convinced of how technology could transform the hotel business. This is why we’ve listed 7 reasons why hotels should invest in a Channel Manager.

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1. Automatic Management of Inventory and Room Rate

What does this mean? It means there’s no need for hoteliers to manually updating inventory and room rates. Real-time availability and room rates are updated across all your channels and will be reflected in your PMS. Could you imagine how much time your front office staff can save when you invest in a Channel Manager?

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2. Say Goodbye to Overbookings and Double Bookings

Error in updating your room availability might result in your hotel losing its reputation, decreased in guests’ loyalty, and losing your potential guests. Thanks to Channel Manager as you can now bid farewell to overbookings and double bookings! A Channel Manager automates your real-time room availability and rates, so guests can only book available rooms.

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3. More Opportunities

When there are many channels to sell your room, your hotel needs a Channel Manager that offers quick and efficient management of room availability and prices in multiple channels. It allows you to react to changes in sales and track your competitors' activities. You will have a competitive advantage by analyzing the actions of your competitors and adapting to a better offer to get more bookings.


4. Increase Direct Bookings with 'The Billboard Effect'

the billboard effect

The likelihood of guests visiting your website depends on how visible you are on multiple platforms. This is what’s known as ‘The Billboard Effect’. With a channel manager, you are way ahead of catching your guests’ attention as you’re connected with the most popular OTAs. Once they discover your hotel, they will head to your website and potentially make a direct booking from your website. Skift and SiteMinder released a report notifying an increase in online bookings by more than 7%. Could you imagine how you could further boost your revenue with Channel Manager?


5. Greater Guest Satisfaction

Nowadays, guests' behavior has changed. The hotel industry is now focusing more on guests’ satisfaction. Channel Manager which works in integration with the PMS helps to increase the effectiveness of the front office work. With this integration, you’re able to avoid errors when manually entering your guests’ booking details.

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6. Automatic Calendar Update

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Without an automatic calendar update, you might miss certain booking details leading to errors in managing guests’ reservations. What if you have to manage booking across many sales channels? You might end up with delayed booking updates, overbooking, or double booking. This is why you need to invest in a Channel Manager that will automatically update the calendar even for the whole year.


7. Extend Brand Awareness

One of the good reasons for investing in a Channel Manager is that it allows many potential guests to book with you. A Channel Manager gives grant access to various OTAs to sell their property, where guests can search for your hotel. OTAs are more likely to accept your listing because they can be sure your inventory will always be accurate. The result is that your visibility and recognition improve among both agents and travelers.


Why Are You Still Wondering?

While you are still wondering why you should invest in a Channel Manager, your competitors are already ahead of you. Decide now, how do you wish to spend the rest of your life as a hotelier? With or without a channel manager?

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