Hotel PMS and Channel Manager

The evolution of digital technology and the Internet has increasingly changed the hotel industry. Have you ever imagine how does the revolution of technology influences room occupancy, hotel revenues, and guest experience? How does the Property Management System (PMS) optimize hotel management?

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To understand how technology and the Internet influence the day-to-day functioning of a hotel, it is important to realize the connections between the key components of the data flow chain, namely the PMS, Online Travel Agent (OTA), and Channel Manager.


OTAs are online companies that allow guests to make a booking for various travel-related services. OTAs permit hotels to published their room offer for guests to book directly via the Internet. OTAs include remarkably known travel websites, such as Agoda, TripAdvisor,, or Expedia.

Since hotels deal with many OTAs, hotels must have a competent system in place, which makes day-to-day management easier. And that brings us to Channel Manager.

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Channel Manager

A Channel Manager is a system allowing faster and more effective management of real-time room availability and room rates across all channels. Each time there is a booking made through OTA or other sales channels, the information will be updated. This is crucial to avoid the risk of overbooking or double booking.

It is not necessary for you to choose a Channel Manager vendor that is connected to all OTAs around the world. As long as they can connect to all OTAs that you use, then it should be fine even though those Channel Manager vendors might connect to less than 30 channels. 


The link of the data flow chain between OTA and Channel Manager is the PMS, which is an advanced front office management system. The main role of a PMS is to store information on hotel bookings, the current number of available rooms, and accepting new incoming bookings.

PMS updates the most recent data on room availability to a Channel Manager, which is then directed to all OTAs connected with the Channel Manager. If there’s a booking made in one of the channels, PMS gets informed by Channel Manager and enters the booking information straight into the calendar.


PMS - Channel Manager Integration

Hotel PMS and Channel Manager integration is a hotel software that simplifies the complexity of hotel management. The Hotel PMS software and channel manager is ideal for small to mid-sized hotels, motels, B & Bs, resorts, hotel chains, property management, etc.

Integrating your hotel PMS with Channel Manager lets you manage your daily hotel operations and room distribution across all the OTAs and other sales channels. You’re able to keep track of your hotel and inventories while boosting your revenues and focusing more on the guest experience.

We strongly recommend hotels choose a channel manager that can be integrated with a PMS. In this way, you no longer have your guests’ booking manually. If you haven’t used a PMS for your hotel, we suggest that you opt for one.

Softinn PMS + Channel Manager

With an easy-to-use front-desk system, here’s what you can explore more with Softinn PMS:

  • Real-time room status
  • Organize guest lists for arrival or departure
  • Comprehensive guest folio
  • Auto-sync bookings from other OTAs
  • Housekeeping module 
  • User activity log
  • Shift functions 
  • Auto record bookings from Softinn
  • Access your guests' records anytime
  • Manage and track payment records
  • Close rooms for cleaning and maintenance
  • Guarantees 99.9% up-time and speed
  • Free upgrades without additional cost
  • Free support and training

and many more.  If you’re still not sure, you can explore the demo for Free Trial itself. The demo will give you a complete idea of how our Softinn PMS will work and its other features.

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