7 Reasons Why Hotels Should Invest in a Channel Manager

You can’t deny that filling up the rooms is the hardest battle for hoteliers. In the hunt for more guests, hotels have varying channels to bring in more bookings. However, managing them manually is time-consuming and less effective.

One hotel system that could help and benefit hoteliers is the Channel Manager. Well, there’s no doubt that some hoteliers still not convinced of how technology could transform the hotel business. This is why we’ve listed 7 reasons why hotels should invest in a Channel Manager.

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How Does A Channel Manager Work?

Imagine you have many guests coming to book their stay with your hotel whereas you only have one front desk staff to entertain them. Guests are complaining as they are waiting for their turn. Then eventually, some of them walk out of your hotel and decide to stay at another hotel. Aren’t you losing your guests already?

Manually managing your room booking is time-consuming and less efficient. You may need to hire a lot of staff to handle those processes. If implementing with channel manager software, you can manage your room distribution smoothly and effectively. With that in mind, this article is all about helping hotel owners to run their hotel businesses better through channel manager software.


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What is a Channel Manager?

Our previous blog articles have been discussing on hotel Property Management System (PMS). In order for a hotel PMS to operate smoothly and effectively, it needs a specialized integration. According to Revfine.com, an online magazine for the hotel, hospitality, and travel industry, a hotel PMS Software should have the following integration:

  • Channel Managers
  • Check-in Apps
  • Revenue Management Software
  • Reputation Management Systems
  • Marketing Software
  • Key Card Systems
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Point of Sale Software
  • Entertainment Systems
  • Payment Systems
  • Business Analytics Software

The way you manage your distribution determines how profitable your hotel business is. It’s an important thing to ensure that your rooms are reachable for your prospective guests. Make your rooms visible! This is why a hotel must have Channel Manager software for a strong distribution strategy. In this article, we will discuss what a Channel Manager is and the importance of its integration with PMS.


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Hotel Marketing Strategies

A hotel's marketing strategies are strategies designed to promote its good and service to get the most profit.  


This article will help you understand the key points of hotel marketing, the most important thing to consider before deciding on your hotel marketing strategies, some best practices of hotel marketing strategies, and finally reveal two of Marriott’s marketing strategies.

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