8 Effective Tips to Increase Your Hotel Occupancy

As the main indicator of hotel performance, the occupancy rates portray the profiting and struggling periods for your hotel. To stay competitive in the hotel industry, hoteliers need to implement unique strategies to improve the occupancy rate.


You should have known by now your strong and weak seasons. Match your hotel occupancy trends with your guests booking behavior. Use your guests’ database to search for potential guests who are worth your business during the off-season.


Here are 8 tips on how you can increase your hotel occupancy:


1. Be unique

Sets the unique ‘wow factor’ of your hotel to attract price-averse guests. Give a personalized ‘just-like-home’ experience by making your hotel more welcoming. Superior quality service and competitive pricing will lead to a strong brand name and image for your hotel.


2. Frequently update your website

Keep your hotel website frequently updated with special events and promotions. Include attractive photographs to draw in more visitors. Posts your guests satisfied testimonials. ‘Word-of-mouth’ marketing is essential to draw potential guests.


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3. Use User-Generated Content (UGC)

Adopt online networking to foster relationships with your customers. Harness the power of UGC to turn your social media page into valuable marketing tools. Remember to respond to comments, shares, and mentions on your social media pages.


4. Leverage the power of online tools

The developments of OTAs allow you to boost your online reach. Metasearch engine prompts possible guests to search for your website, thus encourage direct booking. Impressive SEO permits your hotel to rank higher in search engine rankings and consequently enhance the visibility of your hotel online.


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5. Apply events around you

Promote nearby events and utilize them to market your hotel. Explore chances of partnering up with tourism boards and event organizers in your locality so your hotel can be promoted on its advertising campaigns. Be creative to attract people who are attending the event!


6. Hold events/seminars at your hotel 

Joint ventures with companies that would like to hold events/seminars in your hotel. Wedding planners and business clients could help you gain exposure and promote you to new customers.


7. Discounts, loyalty, and rewards programs

A discount pricing strategy can get you additional potential customers. Well, who doesn’t like discounts! Loyalty and rewards programs are great ideas to encourage repeat guests. Reward your loyal customers when they reach a certain stage of loyalty.


8. Special deals and promotions

Special deals permit you to mask actual room rates with features, adding worth to staying at your hotel. Offer incredible packages and promotions at affordable prices. Identify your target guests and offer them exciting deals they cannot refuse!


Recognize those factors that cause low hotel occupancy and brain-storming with your marketing team to increase your hotel occupancy. Lastly, the ‘out-of-the-box’ marketing strategies will be used to target those who are not part of your business throughout your peak season.

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