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Research found that most leisure travelers make up their mind on which hotel they wish to stay after visiting the hotel website.


A hotel website can be the main site for both hotel and guests to source for the information and get more details where they can’t find that information from other site like OTA.

A good content for hotel website should include:

  • A responsive design and mobile friendly.
  • Enough information including the description part such as background of the hotel. What makes your hotel unique and different as compared to other hotels? 
  • Complete information about the room types and rates so that people can make decision on which room they want to book. 
  • Hotel contact information, address and location. 
  • Good and high quality photos that represent your hotel image and brand to capture website visitors eyes. 
  • List and photos of facilities that hotel offers, function or conference room, tour packages and who should they contact. Best if hotel website can provide the inquiry form for them to send in a Request for Quotation.  
  • Exclusive promotion and discount to attract website visitors to book direct from the hotel website.
  • Booking Engine together with payment gateway so that website visitors can directly make a booking and secure with payment. 

Ideas to start developing a proper content for a hotel website


Do some research. Find what kind of content that travelers will look for if they come to your hotel website. To guide you, here are the rules that you should follow when writing content for your website:

  • Do not create any confusion. The menu and button should lead to the correct page and destinations. 
  • Be specific on the topics. If the page is about promotion, then highlight the details of the promotion. Do not simply put everything in the same page. 
  • Be clear. Describe everything clearly and accurately. If the words can be explained in few sentences, do not make it longer as it will make people stop scrolling and end up leaving the page. 
  • Search Engine Optimization. How good is the SEO of the website content and whether it has the potential to have a good ranking in search engines. Even though SEO can be one of the most difficult things to implement, but it is important to know that a good website content should focus more on SEO to drive more traffic. 

By following those rules will not only help you generate good content for your hotel website, but it will help in increasing engagement and a good strategy for SEO rank too. 

Content is the key to your hotel website. Every word and information that you publish will affect the traffic, engagement as well as brand awareness. If you have a poor and unexciting content, it might hurt the sales from the hotel website. 

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