Functions of a Hotel Property Management System

Nowadays, technology has changed the way people live their life. People become dependent on technology and the internet to perform their everyday tasks. Being mobile has become a part of their daily routine. Look at how the internet and mobile devices are changing people's habits. 

Having said that, hotels should be innovative and adopt new technologies to offer high-quality services and memorable experiences to their guests. One such technology is a hotel property management system.

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Below we listed some functions of a hotel property management system (PMS).


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Reservation is an important function that every effective hotel property management system should have. Every hotel wants to fill their room and make more revenue. To achieve this goal, they accept bookings through different channels including their hotel website, social media page, and OTAs. The reservation function helps hotels to accept direct bookings, which in turn, helps to eliminate the high commissions they are paying to OTAs. As a hotelier, you should avoid investing in a property management system without any reservation feature.

Front-Desk Operations

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Every hotel usually has front desk staff, the first person that guests will meet once they arrive in a hotel. The front office tasks include managing guest’s check-in and check-out, rooms change, room upgrade, change of booking date, etc. So, the hotel needs to invest in a correct property management system to ensure a smooth operation of their front desk. This, in return, will give memorable experiences to your guests.

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Channel Management

Channel management is another must-have function of a property management system. Today's hotels are on their quest to fill their rooms. Different channels are utilized by hotels - OTAs, direct bookings from their hotel website, and social media pages. Having the function of channel management as a feature for a property management system helps hotels to update their real-time room rates and availability across all channels. This functionality will eliminate the risks of double booking and also overbooking. Do check out our page to learn more on how we could help your hotel with our Channel Manager integration.


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With a housekeeping function as part of a property management system, room cleaning can be assigned to the correct staff and the room status can also be updated in the housekeeping sections. Frequently, hotel rooms need new supplies of toiletries, soap, shampoo, and clean towels. A housekeeping feature of a property management system allows housekeeping staff to update the hotel's room status and provide guests with enough bathroom supplies.


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The reporting function of a property management system is a feature every business owner should not overlook. It is from the report that hotel owners will be able to know his/her hotel performance in terms of revenue and also analyze the growth of his/her hotel business. 

To Conclude

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In this competitive hotel industry, hoteliers must stand out from other competitors. Investing in a fully functioning property management system will help the hotels function properly.

If you are still not sure which PMS that you want to go for, this article Top 5 Hotel PMS will be helpful for you. You may explore their free trial account before you decide. 

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